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Day One Day Two Day Three

Day 1

07:30-08:45 Registration & Exhibition Opens

08:45AM-08:55AM DecomWorld Welcome Speech

Paul Soskin, Project Director, DecomWorld
Phil Chadney, Head of Oil and Gas, DecomWorld

8:55AM-9:00AM Chairman Opening Remarks

Donna Birbiglia, General Manager, Wells Discipline, Deepwater CWI, Shell

Session 1:
Wells Regulatory Roundtable

This interactive session is open to all attendees and provides a unique opportunity to engage with regulatory authorities in a closed-door forum.

09:00-09:30 Regulatory Updates - Workovers and Interventions

BSEE Presentation from dual workover coordinators from the District Support Team.

  • Receive an update on the expectation and guidelines for subsea intervention and vessel selection for offshore operations.
  • Review the pre-existing regulations and understand the inspection process in the interim before the API17G regulations are released.
  • Understand the major barriers in the current permit process and the regulatory standpoint on the specifications for 15K intervention systems.
BSEE District Operations Support
Casey Kavanaugh
Workover Coordinator
BSEE District Operations Support

09:30-10:00 USCG, BSEE and Offshore Operators Committee - Vessel Selection

  • Get insight on the Joint Industry Project between the Offshore Operators Committee, BSEE and USCG regarding vessel specification and selection with regards to intervention and abandonment operations.
  • Understand what regulatory advances need to be made from the current MODU vessel standards to cater for the advancing market for intervention vessels and smaller risers.
Captain Joshua Reynolds
Eighth district outer continental shelf officer in charge
Marine Inspection
US Coast Guard
Session 2:
Late Life Well Operations Strategies in Deepwater

With the reality that the $50 barrel brings forward decommissioning for uneconomic fields, decisions taken during late life production are more important than ever before. This workshop is designed to facilitate effective late life decision making for deepwater wells - taking full consideration of intervention, riserless operations and a smooth transition to inevitable plugging and abandonment.

10:00-10:30 Late Life Management, Workovers and Interventions: Anadarko Progress Case Study on Caesar Tonga Field.

  • Detailed overview of the 15K riserless stimulation project on 4 wells to eliminate fine migration and restore the PI for the field.
  • In depth assessment of the planning phase working alongside BSEE as well as cost-estimation analyses demonstrating the ROI from 15K riserless stimulations.
  • Progress update on the second phase of stimulations focusing in on another 2 wells.
Steve Ashcraft
Senior Production Supervisor
10:30-11:15 Coffee Break
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11:15-11:45 Deepwater Interventions Case Study: Best Practice for Stimulation and Riserless P&A

  • Review the program of work across both multiple sites to understand the motivation to perform both stimulation and P&A projects as part of the same campaign
  • Get a technical breakdown of how the coil tubing conduit system is being adapted to squeeze resin into the completion as part of a riserless P&A
  • Understand the in-depth lab testing process with both BSEE and the vendor for the resin plug to ensure rock to rock integrity
Chris Mancini
Project Manager

11:45-12:45 Interventions Panel: Production recovery and maintenance

  • Review the most effective methods of intervention for best ROI in terms of production enhancement and recovery in light of the low oil price.
  • Gain a global perspective on intervention best practise to understand how technology is being leveraged across assets with different completion designs..
  • Intervene or Abandon your late life wells? Make the crucial decision to maintain production during the low or oil price or face abandonment costs.
David Jones
Completion Hardware and System Reliability Team Lead
Don Eynon
Drilling and Completion Engineer GOM Asset
Marathon Oil Corporation

Scott Sanantonio
Subsea GOM Interventions Deepwater Wells Engineering Team Lead
Chris ManciniProject Manager Oceaneering
12:45-14:15 Exhibition & Networking Lunch Break
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Session 3:
Deepwater Decommissioning and Subsea P&A

14:15-15:15 Deep Water Decommissioning Cost Estimation Panel

  • Develop a robust and informed cost estimation strategy for your aging offshore structures and wells by employing the latest operator-led principles for accurate asset retirement obligations
  • Understand the impact of different decommissioning methodologies on your final decommissioning cost and how you can minimize the ‘unknowns’ that impact an accurate cost estimation
  • Take part in an extended Q+A which focusses on Deepwater Facilities Removal to support operators in making crucial cost decisions for planning projects in 2016-17
Ernest Hui
Global Decommissioning Business Improvement Lead
Reverse Engineering Services Ltd
Brian Twomey
Managing Director
Reverse Engineering Services Ltd

Bryan Wood
Offshore Decommissioning CoE
ExxonMobil Development Company
TSB Offshore
Robert Byrd
VP – Consulting
TSB Offshore

15:15-16:15 Subsea Decommissioning Panel: Tackling Practical Issues and Costs

  • Build an Economic Model that will allow operators to predict the costs to perform various projects using three basic vessel types.
  • Is there a way to achieve MODU capabilities at a substantially lower price?
  • Review the possible options to accomplish cost-effective P&A, including the use of resins, cement bong logging, improvement in casing cutting, sensing annuli conditions and more.
Bruce Crager
Executive Vice President
Endeavor Management
Dave Barrow
Senior Advisor Subsea Completions

Colin Buchan
Well Engineering Manager
B. Max Baumert
Subsurface Advisor
ExxonMobil International Limited
16:15-17:00 Exhibition & Networking Coffee Break
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17:00-17:45 Debate: Assess the options for riserless vs riser systems in the low oil price

  • Review the pros and cons of riserless technologies in terms of cost and risk
  • Discuss the approaches from majors and independent with regard to cost saving
  • What are the technologies out there? Where are we going?
Gary Siems
Petroleum Asset Retirement Consultant
PAR Specialists, LLC.
Steve Ashcraft
Senior Production Supervisor

Gustaf Johansson
Director of Projects
Montco Oilfield Contractors
Delaney Olstad
Global Business Development Manager
17:45-18:45 Decomworld Opening Night Networking Drinks Reception
6:45PM-9:45PM The Decommissioning and Abandonment Awards Dinner

Dinner Keynote: Status of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

  • Discuss the supply and demand for oil and gas looking ahead for 2016-2018
  • Review how the low oil price will impact offshore and deepwater operations
  • Evaluate how the decom market is robust in the near term
Bruce Crager
Executive Vice President
Endeavor Management

6:45PM-9:45PM Decommissioning and Abandonment Awards 2016:

  • Most Influential Professional for Decommissioning and Abandonment
  • P&A Pioneer
  • Most Innovative Decommissioning Technology
  • Excellence in Decommissioning Project Support
  • Most Valued Small Company in Decommissioning and Abandonment
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Day One Day Two Day Three Top

Day 2

08:00-08:50 Registration

8:50AM-8:55AM DecomWorld Day 2 Welcome

Phil Chadney, Head of Oil and Gas, DecomWorld

8:55AM-9:00AM Chairman Opening Remarks

Senior Advisor Subsea Completions, Chevron

Session 4:
Regulatory Updates and Leadership

09:00AM-09:30AM Seeking a win-win from abandonments

  • A growing number of oil and gas fields have either reached or are getting close to the end of their commercial lifecycle. In the final phase of a field development well abandonments must be executed in accordance with regulations and “right first time” to secure long term hydrocarbon containment and avoid costly re-entries and repairs
  • Since decommissioning is still in its infancy, operators and service providers approach abandonments as a reversal of the construction process. In deep water, this often means utilizing rigs, tools and vessels that are over-specified for well abandonments, coming with high cost for operators, while offering business opportunities for contractors and service providers
  • There is a large opportunity to innovate the current approach and practices in abandonments, to challenge ourselves as industry to think beyond construction in reverse
Donna Birbiglia
General Manager, Wells Discipline, Deepwater CWI

09:30-10:00 Changes to BOEM Bonding & Financial Security Regulations

  • Get insight on BOEM’s updated NTL to understand the changes to supplementary financial assurance, including the transition from waived status to self-insurance
  • Assess the expectations of BOEM for Lessees to provide supplemental financial assurance, and the potential use of tailored financial plans to ensure compliance over a phase-in period
  • Understand the impact these changes could have on your existing and future joint operating agreements
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Michael Celata
Regional Director, Gulf of Mexico Region
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
10:00-10:45 Coffee Break
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10:45-11:15 The Oil and Gas Authority - Update on the Call to Action: Progress and Future Plans

  • Gain an overview of the regulatory requirements within the UKCS
  • Review the latest initiatives from the UK to establishing cost-effective decommissioning and P&A
  • Discuss how the OGA as body weill support tech development to boost efficiencies for end of life operations
Oil & Gas Authority
Jim Christie
Head of Decommissioning
Oil & Gas Authority

11:15-12:00 International Regulatory Panel

  • Compare and contrast ideologies for long-term enforcement of regulation
  • Understand the regulatory framework to ensure global compliance
  • Review the regulatory challenges and industry discussions taking place, including deepwater decommissioning, to understand which areas you can expect potential regulatory update and how this could affect your strategy
Glenn R. Legge
Legge Farrow Kimmitt McGrath & Brown L.L.P.
Oil & Gas Authority
Jim Christie
Head of Decommissioning
Oil & Gas Authority

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Michael Celata
Regional Director, Gulf of Mexico Region
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
stone energy
Eva Gravouilla
Regulatory Manager
Stone Energy


12:00-13:30 Exhibition & Networking Lunch Break
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Session 5:
Environmental Debates & Reducing Project Risk

13:30-14:30 Facilities Decommissioning Strategy Development using Net Environmental Benefits Analysis (NEBA)

  • What NEBA is, and why it is consistent with regulatory guidance and direction.
  • Review how the NEBA approach towards decommissioning leads to an effective strategy for maximizing benefits to the public while managing site risks on large scale projects.
  • Learn how NEBA decommissioning case studies are cost effective vs. conventional D&A removal programs by identifying “holistical least harm” alternative.
BHP Billiton
Larry Johnson
Principal Engineer 
BHP Billiton
Joseph P. Nicolette
Global Ecosystem Services Director

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLPPillsbury
Thomas Campbell
Crisis Management Team Leader
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLPPillsbury

14:30-15:15 Deepwater Reefing Methodologies & Benefits

  • Get the latest updates on the viability and benefits of transitioning towards a rigs to reefs centric decommissioning & abandonment strategy
  • Check out the latest case studies from operators and scientists with R2R programs in California and Gulf of Mexico to establish environmentally friendly programs
  • Cutting back on costs- Discuss the regulatory process for R2R programs to cut costs on your decom project
Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas
Chris Auer
Platform / Pipeline Abandonment Advisor
Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas

Patrick Murray
Coastal Conservation Association (CCA)
Dr. Greg Stunz
Center for Sportfish Science & Conservation

Amber Jackson
Blue Latitudes LLC
Blue Latitudes LLC
Emily Callahan
Blue Latitudes LLC
15:15-16:00 Exhibition & Networking Coffee Break
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16:00-16:30 Limit Current & Plan For Future Liability - Rig Demolition

  • Examine safety protocols and standards to limit exposure throughout the rig demolition process
  • Get to know your contractors safety practices and assure they are actually implemented
  • Review future costs associated with rig demolition for proper bond planning
Tim Niedzwiecki
Dan Woody
Director of Health & Safety
Session 6:
Winning Business in the North Sea

16:30-17:00 The Impact of Collaboration in the North Sea

  • Collaboration with Oil & Gas UK to form a single Decommissioning Forum to coordinate multiple industry initiatives
  • Multi-party funding of the Late Life Planning Portal to optimise decom planning
  • Project delivery with ZeroWaste Scotland to clarify the circular economy & reuse options in the oil and gas sector.
  • Collaboration with the industry technology forum (itf) to promote the development and introduction of ‘game changing’ P&A technologies
Decom North Sea
Tom Leeson
Non-Executive Director
Decom North Sea


17:00-17:30 Shell’s Landmark Brent Field Decommissioning Program Case Study

  • Review the finalized decommissioning plans and timelines for Shell’s landmark North Sea Brent Field to assess approaches to retiring one of the UKCS’s oldest fields
  • Assess the enormous scale of the well plugging and abandonment operation to understand how 140 wells will be tackled in the most cost-effective way
  • Get leading-edge insight on the approach taken to heavy-lift / single lift in highly demanding environmental conditions by leveraging Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit vessel
Paul Smy
D&R Excellence Manager
Shell Exploration & Production Company
17:45-19:00 Drinks Party In Decom’s Largest Global Technology Suite
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Day 3


08:00-08:30 The latest in well diagnostics

  • A review of the different intervention methods by which optical fibre may be deployed in a well.
  • Combining Distributed Acoustic Sensing with Distributed Temperature Sensing and point sensors.
  • A work flow using fibre in an economical way to accelerate the diagnosis of Well Integrity issues and ensure confidence in the results
Stuart Large
Product Line Director, Oil & Gas
Fotech Solutions Ltd

08:30-09:00 Metrol Applied Intelligence: Wells Case Study

  • Review latest innovations to monitor data to control flow of producing wells
  • Prepare the well for abandonment, discuss the benefits of effective planning to ensure a robust well integrity management process
  • Review in a case study the use of innovative downhole tools to deliver reservoir data
Metrol Technology
Ben Taylor
Global Projects Manager
Metrol Technology

09:00-09:30 Use of technology to reduce P&A costs and improve assurance

  • An introduction to some of the more innovative and disruptive P&A technologies
  • Advice on how to quantify the potential cost saving
  • How improved assurance must not be constrained by the current industry regulations
Debbie McIntosh
Head of Subsurface & Wells Practice
OTM Consulting Ltd
09:30-10:15 Exhibition & Networking Coffee Break

10:15-10:45 Transitional Late Life Integrity Management

  • Download the PDFReview a case study for late life management transition to cessation of production and through to decommissioning
  • Understand how a late life management strategy to decommissioning is utilized to secure Maximum Economic recovery
  • Provide practical examples for best practice of late life Integrity management alignment to Optimum asset performance and Cumulative Risk Assessment to guarantee measurable cost-effectiveness.
Hamish Tait
Head of integrity Engineering

10:45-11:15 Cost-Effective Intervention and Abandonment for Mature Offshore Wells

  • Discuss how Weatherford technologies and services can safely and efficiently reduce the liability of aging offshore assets.
  • Address a case study in which intervention helped an offshore operator increase production.
  • Review the details of an abandonment operation that secured long-term well integrity.
Delaney Olstad
Global Business Development Manager

08:00-08:30 New Approaches For Removing Large Deepwater Structures

  • Review Versabar’s Engineered Marine Lifting Solutions to engineer, fabricate and operate lift and salvage systems in fixed or floating environments
  • Understand how new vessels are increasing both the flexibility and quality of challenging structure removals
  • Get case study insight on a collaborative campaign which effectively reduced cost for operators involved
John Greeves

08:30-09:00 Mercury Chemical Decontamination in Preparation for Decommissioning

  • Assessment and distribution studies during decommissioning pre-planning
  • Chemical decontamination and performance monitoring and verification analysis
  • Spent chemistries and materials processing (waste minimization)
Ron Radford
Vice President

Tim Jenkins
Principal Engineer

09:00-09:30 Engineering and Construction of Environmentally Compliant Disassembly Facility

  • Receive and overview of PSC’s new decommissioning facility in Gibson, Louisiana
  • Learn about the decommissioning facilities design to protect and contain contaminants such as NORM, ACM, hydrocarbons, Mercury, lead, PCB’s and other toxic substances
  • Minimize your offshore logistics cost by delivering decks with contaminants intact
PSC Industrial
Rick Wimberley
Corporate RSO
PSC Industrial
09:30-10:15 Exhibition & Networking Coffee Break

10:15-10:45 Unconventional means to pick up an unconventional structure

  • Review the planning and contracting process for a decommissioning case study to ensure minimum risk
  • Manage your asset and personnel utilization to guarantee efficiency and cost reduction
  • Project Closure: Review the safety components to closing facilities that are no longer operational
Jerel Gilmore

10:45-11:15 Decommissioning Contracting Principles

  • Review the risk and challenges around complex contracting  conditions globally
  • Discuss the risk management strategies for insurance and financial institutions
  • Review best practice strategies for assessing warranty obligations and limitations of liability
Holman Fenwick Willan LLP
Paul Dean
Head of Oil and Gas
Holman Fenwick Willan LLP
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