Top Industry Leaders Confirmed to Speak Include:

  • Mike Celata
    Mike CelataBOEM
    GOM Regional Director
  • Paul Versowsky
    Paul VersowskyBSEE
    Chief, Office of Structural and Technical Support
  • John Hand
    John HandConocoPhillips
    Technology Program Manager
  • Ernest Hui
    Ernest HuiShell
    Global Decommissioning Business Improvement Lead
  • Larry Johnson
    Larry JohnsonBHP Billiton
    Decommissioning and Abandonment Lead
  • Dave Sinclair
    Dave SinclairMaersk Oil
    Head of Decommissioning
  • Eduardo Zacaron
    Eduardo Zacaron Petrobras
    Decommissioning Manager
  • Johan Kverneland
    Johan KvernelandTOTAL E&P
    P&A R&D

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For the 9th year running, Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit 2017 was the world’s top destination for decommissioning professionals. Bringing together 450 attendees, a sold out exhibition hall, 52 speakers and more than 130 operator delegates, the summit retained its place as the go-to meeting point for those involved in decommissioning, P&A and well intervention.

For its 10th anniversary in February 2018, Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit is set to exceed all previous summits. With even more senior keynote speakers than ever before, new and exclusive networking sessions, extra workshops, an exclusive round up of the last 10 years of D&A presentations at the conferences and much more, ensure you stay up to date with the latest developments by downloading your copy of the summit brochure below.

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  • A Decade of Decommissioning: Brand-new keynote session compiling a decade’s worth of lessons learned, case study milestones and crucial project data to share how past operational experience can deliver outstanding future decommissioning and abandonment projects
  • Regulatory Update: Learn about BOEM’s ongoing work to review NTL 2016-N01 and get the latest guidance from BSEE to support safe and environmentally sound offshore platform removal to drive forward decommissioning excellence
  • Emerging Technologies in P&A: Learn about the pioneering innovations optimizing P&A economic efficiency through multi-annular logging, next generation barriers, lasers and rigless P&A at the new and exclusive technology showcase
  • Operator Case Studies: Gather operational experience from operators in the GoM, Brazil, the North Sea, Asia Pacific and more to understand the crucial decommissioning lessons learned, slash costs and deliver outstanding decommissioning and abandonment projects
  • Economic-Efficiency in Facility Decommissioning: Explore the latest approaches to deepwater and shallow-water facility decommissioning including subsea systems, floating production systems and fixed structures to alter your approach to removal
  • A Step-Change in Well P&A: Hear the evolving practices in rigless and rig-based P&A to maximize cost-efficiencies and effectively and consistently estimate back-end costs to reduce contractor risks when conducting fixed-lump sum decommissioning projects
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What's New For 2018?

  • BRAND-NEW technology showcase: Exclusive showcase displaying the emerging technologies in P&A, sharing the latest pioneering innovations to optimize P&A economic efficiency through multi-annular logging, next generation barriers, lasers and rigless P&A
  • BRAND-NEW International Decommissioning Session: Improved international focus sharing operational experience and crucial lessons learned through operator case studies to improve global project execution and reduce decommissioning costs worldwide
  • BRAND-NEW 10 years in Decom & Abandonment Panel: Unique panel discussion evaluating the last decade of industry case studies to demonstrate key technological advances, share significant lessons learned and predict future progression within decommissioning
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Leading decision makers who attended in 2017:

  • VP of Decommissioning, BP
  • VP of Wells, BP
  • VP Decommissioning and Restoration, Shell
  • GOM Decommissioning Manager, Shell
  • CFO Projects & Technology, Shell
  • Head of Decommissioning, Maersk Oil
  • P&A Technology Lead, ExxonMobil
  • Norway Decommissioning Manager, Repsol
  • Decommissioning & Abandonment Lead, BHP Billiton
  • Senior VP Production, Energy XXI
  • Decommissioning Manager, Petrobras
  • Lead P&A, ConocoPhillips
  • Decommissioning Manager, DONG Energy
  • Leader Decommissioning Group, Total
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Don’t just take our word for it, hear what DecomWorld 2017 attendees had to say

  • Shell

    "The organization, agenda topics and speakers are world class. If you are engaged in decommissioning activities as an operator or contractor, or if you are interested in developing a new business opportunity, Decomworld would be the right place to broaden your network and get to know the latest Decommissioning trends and challenges"

    - Ruth Carrasquero, Abandonment Finance Manager, Shell
  • chevron

    "DecomWorld is a wonderful global networking event that various professionals in the industry can benefit from. It brings so much value to business development and sharing of experiences"

    - Obioma Isiuwa, EMC Project Manager, Chevron
  • Hess

    "The event has grown considerably over the years and has reached a critical mass of expertise and interaction that bodes well for the future of offshore decommissioning around the world. It was also rewarding to see the different approaches between European and GoM experience being openly discussed in a constructive manner"

    - Stephen Brown, Facilities Advisor, Hess Advisor
  • TSB Offshore

    "This is the best conference to hear from, meet, and speak with the largest names in the decommissioning market"

    - William Speck, Project Manager, TSB Offshore Inc
  • William Jacob

    "DecomWorld was attended by worldwide operator staff and contractors in the decommissioning/abandonment industry. The "live" polling and Q&A was an interesting element that added significantly to the overall presentation and delivery of the conference. The conference was run efficiently and maintained a high level of business acumen"

    - Charlie Fife, Business Development Manager, William Jacob Management
  • NNPC

    "I found the conference very educative. It has made me realize that decommissioning is a very complex exercise that requires in depth study, research, data analysis, interpretation and evaluation. It is also a costly venture that cannot be avoided. I really appreciate the efforts of the organizers, the speakers and the enthusiasm of the participants. Everything about the conference was fantastic. Look forward to more of this uniting forum"

    - Haruna Jibrin, Operator, NNPC
  • 2001
    US Petroleum consumption reached 19.7mil barrels p/day
  • August 2005
    Hurricane Katrina
  • December 2007
    Great Recession
  • June 2008
    $139 Barrel
  • April 2010
    Deepwater Horizon explodes
  • December 2010
    Arab Spring
  • June 2014
    Oil price crash began
  • February 2016
    Below $30 Barrel
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DecomWorld 2017 showcased the conference’s first interactive keynote session hosted by Win Thornton, VP of Decommissioning at BP. Posing the industry’s biggest questions, the audience was able to have its say on the impact that Idle Iron, NTL 2016-N01, Rigs to Reef, the oil price and more is having on decommissioning. Here are just some of the discussions:

Topic Breakdown

The World’s Key Decommissioning Figures all in One Room at Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit 2017

Job Title Company
VP Decommissioning BP
Head of Decommissioning Maersk Oil
VP Decommissioning Shell
Norway Decommissioning Manager Repsol
Decommissioning and Abandonment Lead BHP Billiton
P&A Technology Lead ExxonMobil
Senior Advisor Chevron
Technology Programme Manager ConocoPhillips
CFO Projects and Technology Shell
Decommissioning Manager Petrobras
Global Decommmissioning Business Improvement Lead Shell
GOM Decommissioning Manager Shell
Decommissioning Advisor ExxonMobil
Decommissioning and Prevention Manager BP
Decommissioning Manager DONG O&G

The world’s largest meeting point for the decommissioning and late life strategies community

Delegate Breakdown By Job / Company

Delegate Breakdown By Region

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