Confirmed Speakers for DecomWorld GOM 2017 Include:

  • Ann Bull
    Ann BullBOEM
    Environmental Sciences Section Chief
  • George Tropiano
    George TropianoBOEM
    Risk Management Operations Group
  • Dave Sinclair
    Dave SinclairMaersk Oil
    Head of Decommissioning
  • Dylan Campbell
    Dylan CampbellPetroSA
    Risk Engineer
  • Dave Barrow
    Dave BarrowChevron
    Senior Advisor
  • Win Thornton
    Win ThorntonBP
    VP Decommissioning
  • Joseph Witt
    Joseph WittExxonMobil
    P&A Technology Lead
  • Bruce Crager
    Bruce CragerEndeavour Management
    Executive VP
  • Sergio DeCastro
    Sergio DeCastroExxonMobil
    Corporate Senior Finance Manager for Americas and Asia Pacific
  • Steve Ashcraft
    Steve AshcraftAnadarko Petroleum
    Senior Staff Engineer
  • Larry Johnson
    Larry JohnsonBHP Billiton
    Decommissioning and Abandonment Lead
  • Ernest Hui
    Ernest HuiShell
    Global Decommissioning Business Improvement Lead
  • John Hand
    John HandConocoPhillips
    Technology Program Manager
  • Johan Kvernlad
    Johan KvernladTotal
    P&A R&D Lead

Decommissioning, well plugging and abandonment and late life strategies are currently going through the most significant disruption in recent years driven by low oil prices, big regulatory changes and rapidly improving technology. At no other time in recent history have there been so many questions surrounding the financial and technical strategies you need to address to make the right decisions for your business.

Back for its 9th year, DecomWorld GoM 2017 is the world’s biggest forum for debating the hottest issues and building the relationships you will need over the next 18 months. Secure your place today and be part of an industry event that drives the industry forwards.

3 Conference Tracks to Cover the Most Important Challenges you are Facing Today

You already know you are facing unprecedented challenges ranging from, well P&A and interventions, NTL Bonding requirements issues around structures through to asset management decision making. Put simply this is too much for one person to absorb so we strongly recommend you bring your team to DecomWorld GOM 2017

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You spoke, we listened! The decommissioning and late-life industry is going through its biggest period of change in history. Whether you need case studies from world leading operators and decommissioning experts, the latest updates on NTL 2016 NO.1 from BOEM, guidance from BSEE or Decom World GOM 2017 has it covered for you and your team. In a period of unprecedented disruption you’ll walk away with key insights so you can significantly improve your well operations, change the way you think about your structures, and steer your strategy when managing your assets.

  • Receive the latest updates on NTL 2016-N01 – Debate the hottest topic in the GOM right now and understand how your business can practically prepare for a new regulatory era with case studies focused on tailored financial plans, decommissioning cost reporting and regulatory guidance
  • Asset Management late-life strategies in a disrupted oil & gas era – Evaluate whether you should ‘extend or end’ your assets, the case for asset sweating, new risk models and the scope for divesting or acquiring in a lower for longer marketplace
  • Significantly improve your Well operations – Discuss where new thinking on interventions can be employed, the rig vs. rigless interventions cost / capacity debate, the future of light vessels with a rigs first model, new P&A technologies such as resins, and new cost effective well access options
  • Change the way you think about your Structures – Hear how new thinking on vessels can alter your approach to facilities removals, how to improve your cost estimations, where cutting technology has yielded significant improvements and the lessons learned from North Sea mega structure removal
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A Legacy of Attracting the Biggest Industry Names

Over 9 years, thousands of decommissioning, abandonment and late-life experts can testify to the importance of this conference and exhibition. From the biggest names in the business through to innovative start-ups you can be absolutely sure that there is not a meeting place as good as this anywhere in the world. Secure your ticket today to be sure not to miss out

  • BSEE
  • boem
  • US-CoastGuard
  • epa
  • shell
  • ExxonMobil

Brand New Keynote Session and 3 Dedicated Conference Tracks

Based on 50+ hours of research with top level upstream executives, DecomWorld GOM 2017 has responded to industry needs and created a ‘late-life meeting’ point around its world leading Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit.

A high level, strategic plenary session will open the conference, focusing on the impact of NTL 2016-N01 from a financial, operational and industry perspective.

After a networking luncheon for the conference’s 600+ delegates, the conference will split into three separate sessions.

Plenary Keynote Sessions:

Presentations Include:

  • Operator panel: The practicalities of NTL 2016-N01
  • Supplemental Bonding Requirements - Examples of Tailored Financial Plans
  • Endeavor Subsea Decommissioning JIP - Lessons Learned and Future Plans
Wells Track:

Presentations Include:

  • Costs vs Capacity: Pros and Cons of Rig-based and Rigless P&A Solutions
  • Step Change - New Technologies Driving P&A Forwards
  • GOM Production and Interventions Outlook: The Size of the Prize
Structures Track:

Presentations Include:

  • Facilities and Subsea Removal
  • NEBA: Evidence Based Assessments of the Alternatives for Platform Decommissioning
  • North Sea Mega Structure Removal
Strategy and Finance Track:

Presentations Include:

  • Extend or End Production and Brownfield Strategies
  • Asset Sweating: The Case for Well Interventions as a Profit Center
  • Best Practice in Cost-Assessment
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The world’s largest meeting point for the decommissioning and late life strategies community

Attendees By Company Type

Delegate Breakdown By Company Type

Attendees By Job Title

  • C-Level / VP
  • Upper Management / Strategy
  • Engineering / Project Management
  • Business Development / Sales / Marketing
  • Regulatory / Compliance / Law
  • Other
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