2018 Agenda - A comprehensive insight into the industry’s most pressing challenges and promising opportunities.

The Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit consistently produces world class agendas, based on 50+ hours of research with the industry’s leading experts. In 2018 hot topics include emerging technologies in well P&A, BOEM’s ongoing work to review NTL 2016-N01, international operator case studies, economic efficiency in facility decommissioning and a decade of decommissioning data.

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Session 1: A Decade of Decommissioning
Market Overview: Opportunities, Time Schedules and Procurements
  • Hear an industry update on key topics, ranging from the impact of the oil price to the future of regulation
  • Understand key decommissioning and abandonment time schedules within the GoM and where business-critical future opportunities lie
  • Hear about key supply chain opportunities within new technology initiatives and alternative P&A approaches to ensure business opportunities are optimized to address the rise in decommissioning and abandonment work
10 years in Decommissioning: Data, Lessons Learned and The Future of Decommissioning
  • Unique panel discussion evaluating the last decade of decommissioning data gathered from across the industry
  • Hear updates on key decommissioning case studies from the last 10 years which demonstrate key technological advances
  • Take away the significant lessons learned from and predict future progression within decommissioning
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Session 2: Regulatory Update
BOEM’s Renewal of Financial Risk Management
  • Learn about BOEM’s ongoing work to review NTL 2016-N01 to provide clarity and consistency to the industry for its implementation
  • Hear how BOEM are incorporating feedback from the industry during the renewal of the policy
  • Understand how the updated NTL 2016-N01 will implement a more robust financial assurance program to account for future decommissioning costs
BSEE’s Work to Support Safe and Environmentally Sound Offshore Platform Removal
  • Hear guidance from BSEE on what they are looking for from the industry to allow decommissioning to be completed in a safer and more effective manner
  • Hear the common challenges encountered by BSEE when receiving decommissioning applications and how these can be initially prevented, including removal permits and detailing pipelines
  • Understand the work BSEE are conducting to ensure safety for trawlers following platform removal and how this saves future costs for operators
Decommissioning Permit Procedures
  • Hear the challenges encountered from a regulators perspective during the approval of shallow water decommissioning permit submissions
  • Understand the time schedule of the permit produce from the regulators perspective to enable better business planning for your organization
  • Understand the impact of the permit procedure time schedule on your organizations business model and budgets to better estimate decommissioning costs
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Session 3: International Case Studies
Panel Session: International Regulations with New Technologies
  • Hear about regional regulatory processes for qualifying new technologies to better understand differing regional approval processes
  • Compare and contrast regional regulator expectations and the technological requirements for plugging and abandoning a well
  • Learn how best to engage with global regulators to ensure acceptance of new technologies
Operator Case Study: North Sea Decommissioning Opportunities
  • Hear about a decommissioning project taking place within the North Sea and the lessons that have been learned during the development of its robust decommissioning and contracting strategy
  • Hear case study data on best practices in assessing vendor capabilities to improve global project execution and reduce decommissioning costs worldwide
  • Understand how operational experience from North Sea decommissioning can be applied to other regions
Operator Case Study: Brazil’s Bulk Decommissioning
  • Understand the scope of decommissioning work in Brazil and how the surge in deepwater decommissioning activity is being addressed
  • Understand the economic efficiencies being created through increased volume of bulk decommissioning work within Brazil
  • Hear how the lessons learned from current and past decommissioning projects in Brazil can improve global project execution and reduce decommissioning costs worldwide
Operator Case Study: Upcoming Decommissioning in Asia
  • Learn about upcoming decommissioning opportunities throughout Asia and the importance of creating an early, robust decommissioning plan
  • Hear case study data on challenges faced during decommissioning planning, and how best to overcome these in an immature decommissioning market
  • Understand how resources, tools and methods can be shared across regions to reduce worldwide cost
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Session 4: Subsea and Floating Platform Decommissioning
Operator Case Study: Deepwater Decommissioning
  • Hear a project update on a unique deepwater semi-submersible decommissioning project and the activity to date
  • Understand the lessons that have been learned during decommissioning activity to date and how this can be addressed during future projects
  • Recognize the future plans for the project and the lessons that can be applied when decommissioning other deepwater asset types
Decommissioning Techniques for FPSOs and Floaters
  • Explore what decommissioning looks like for floating production facilities including the impact upon subsea equipment, flowlines and pipelines
  • Learn optimal techniques for cleaning and tanking on topsides within floating production facilities
  • Discuss alternative removal methods for large topsides and jackets and explore how to decommission other large offshore installations
Planning for Decommissioning
  • Understand the evolving practices within new facility designs to maximize safety and economic efficiency when preparing for decommissioning
  • Learn the optimal ways to address major challenges faced during decommissioning planning, including cost assessment
  • Understand key influencing factors when planning for decommissioning including partial vs. full decommissioning and decision making processes
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Session 5: Assessing Environmental Factors
Rig to Reef: Overcoming Regulatory and Technical Hurdles
  • Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of reefing and understand the key challenges which must be addressed to maximize the value of reefing
  • Hear about the latest research and current studies being conducted into the benefits of reefing in deepwater including economic efficiency, operational excellence and environmental benefits
  • Understand the regulatory and technical hurdles faced when reefing and how these have been successfully overcome in GOM operators
Regulator and Operator Panel: NEBA and the Subsea Decommissioning Joint Industry Project (JIP)
  • Hear an update on the latest progression within Phase 2 of Endeavor Management’s collaborative JIP and the crucial lessons learned from Phase One
  • Gain insights into the key trends affecting decommissioning and P&A, including cements vs resins, reducing financial liability for GOM operators and discussions around environmental issues
  • Weigh up the effects of subsea removal, particularly in deepwater environments, and how such activities can negatively impact the marine eco-systems that have developed on assets
  • Understand the benefits of using a risk-benefit analysis for environmental management and how NEBA provides a quantitative tool to compare between alternative actions to help operators and regulators leverage risk
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Session 6: Technologies and Data
WORKSHOP: Emerging Technologies in P&A
  • Exclusive technology showcase displaying the latest pioneering innovations to optimize P&A economic efficiency through multiple annulus logging, next generation barriers and rigless P&A
  • Learn about the latest P&A technologies and how they can reduce costs for your organization
  • Understand the opportunities within emerging P&A technologies for mitigating risk, maximizing economic efficiencies and optimizing safety
Step-change in Data for Decommissioning
  • Understand the step change required across industry in automations and artificial intelligence to drive P&A forwards
  • Hear an overview of the latest innovations in well monitoring including machine learning and data analysis and how they can improve best-practice through cost innovations
  • Recognize the regulatory challenges presented during new technology approval and how best to address this
PANEL: Barrier verification
  • Understand the optimal ways to remove doubt when verifying barriers including the latest pressure tests and temperature sensors
  • Recognize the benefits of early assessment of barriers for tubing to ensure the best approach can be taken to remove as little tubing as possible
  • Learn about the optimal ways to effectively remove material, prepare for setting a barrier and the most effective techniques to replace a barrier
Evolving Strategies in Decommissioning Cost Estimation
  • Hear about the evolving practices within effectively and consistently estimating decommissioning and abandonment costs to deal with and reduce cost uncertainties
  • Better understand internal and external benchmarking techniques to reduce contractor risks when conducing fixed lump-sum decom projects
  • Understand the importance of data-sharing cooperation when creating accurate cost assessments to ensure future projects better stick to time and cost schedules
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Session 7: Optimal P&A Techniques
Rigless or Rig-based P&A? Choose the Optimal Strategy for Your Well
  • Understand the benefits that rigless P&A techniques can bring to the abandonment industry and how it can optimize economic efficiency
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of rigless and rig-based P&A to successfully recognize the optimal solution for different wells 
  • Understand the challenges and risks that may arise when implementing rigless P&A including rig-rates and how best to mitigate risk
Evolving Capabilities within Riserless P&A
  • Hear about the evolving technologies and capabilities within riserless P&A and how it’s adoption can enable economic efficiency to be maximized whilst meeting long-term isolation requirements
  • Understand how to optimally deal with well fluids during riserless P&A to better control well pressures and fluids
  • Understand how to address the key risks and challenges associated with different P&A options including cement placement, annular pressure build-up and well control to ensure a reliable seal
Optimizing Barrier Materials and Cement Alternatives
  • Evaluate multiple cement alternatives available to operators including resins, modified cements, epoxies, polymers and polyester materials
  • Discuss how alternative plug materials can result in similar or better sealing, and the extent to which they can mitigate risk and provide cost savings
  • Analyse issues such as the quantity, depth and placement of cement in the annuli to achieve a safe and reliable zonal isolation in subsea wells

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