Post-Conference Materials

  • Post-Conference Materials

      This pass includes:

    • Access to Conference Slides and Audio, and our comprehensive post-event report
    • Exclusive insight into current and future trends in decommissioning from senior figures at BOEM, Shell, BP, Chevron, Repsol, BHP Billiton and more
    • Regulator, Operator, Service Company and legal perspectives from the world’s leading decommissioning companies to ensure you’re up to speed with this complex industry
    • Understand the very latest technologies being deployed in well P&A and structural removals, as well as the very latest research into reefing
  • Shell

    "The organization, agenda topics and speakers are world class. If you are engaged in decommissioning activities as an operator or contractor, or if you are interested in developing a new business opportunity, Decomworld would be the right place to broaden your network and get to know the latest Decommissioning trends and challenges"

    - Ruth Carrasquero, Abandonment Finance Manager, Shell
  • chevron

    "DecomWorld is a wonderful global networking event that various professionals in the industry can benefit from. It brings so much value to business development and sharing of experiences"

    - Obioma Isiuwa, EMC Project Manager, Chevron
  • Hess

    "The event has grown considerably over the years and has reached a critical mass of expertise and interaction that bodes well for the future of offshore decommissioning around the world. It was also rewarding to see the different approaches between European and GoM experience being openly discussed in a constructive manner"

    - Stephen Brown, Facilities Advisor, Hess Advisor
  • TSB Offshore

    "This is the best conference to hear from, meet, and speak with the largest names in the decommissioning market"

    - William Speck, Project Manager, TSB Offshore Inc
  • William Jacob

    "DecomWorld was attended by worldwide operator staff and contractors in the decommissioning/abandonment industry. The "live" polling and Q&A was an interesting element that added significantly to the overall presentation and delivery of the conference. The conference was run efficiently and maintained a high level of business acumen"

    - Charlie Fife, Business Development Manager, William Jacob Management
  • NNPC

    "I found the conference very educative. It has made me realize that decommissioning is a very complex exercise that requires in depth study, research, data analysis, interpretation and evaluation. It is also a costly venture that cannot be avoided. I really appreciate the efforts of the organizers, the speakers and the enthusiasm of the participants. Everything about the conference was fantastic. Look forward to more of this uniting forum"

    - Haruna Jibrin, Operator, NNPC

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