Latest data and market analysis to build a winning strategy in the world's largest offshore decommissioning market

Over the last five years, the Gulf of Mexico decommissioning market has witnessed record levels of activity and expenditures due to changes in federal regulations and declining shelf production. Plunging oil prices in late 2014 will likely accelerate activity in 2015 but not beyond levels previously witnessed. Between 2010-2014, Gulf of Mexico decommissioning generated approximately $9 billion in spending, regularly exceeding $1.5 billion per year. The market size of decommissioning in the Gulf of Mexico circa January 2015 is valued at $26 billion, broken up into a shallow water segment worth an estimated $18 billion and a deepwater segment worth an estimated $8 billion.

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Produced solely to update you on decommissioning in the Gulf of Mexico

DecomWorld's Offshore Decommissioning Report Gulf of Mexico 2015 provides analysis to aid companies in planning a solid strategy to capitalize on opportunities in the largest and most active decommissioning market in the world. This detailed study ensures you have the latest insight:

  • Latest Decommissioning Data & Forecasts: Gain clarity on deep water and shallow water decommissioning activity to help plan and guide your investment focus for the years ahead.
  • Oil Price Insight: Understand the impact of the fall in oil prices on likely decommissioning expenditure and activity to mitigate risks to your business and gain expert insight into how the decommissioning environment is developing ahead of your competitors.
  • Operator Inventory Data & Forecasts: Assets by water depth and likely spend for main operators to facilitate business planning and allow you to identify your key clients moving forward.
  • Corporate Structure: For the companies described in this report, a list of parent and subsidiary shed additional light on corporate structure.
  • Regulatory: Gain clarity on relevant changes and developments including regulations, legislation, environmental aspects and the rigs to reef program to maintain organisational flexibility and ensure compliance.

The key decommissioning questions answered in over 70 pages of in-depth analysis and exclusive data:

  • How many deepwater structures are likely to be decommissioned in the next five years?
  • How many structures are likely to be removed or reefed in 2015 and beyond?
  • What is the total size of the offshore decommissioning market?
  • Which operators are most likely to spend more on decommissioning in 2015 and beyond?
  • What are the factors that have the most impact on offshore decommissioning activity in the GOM region?

Insight from a thought leader in the decommissioning market

Prepared and written by Mark J. Kaiser, Professor and Director of the Research and Development Division at the Center for Energy Studies, Louisiana State University, this report is the culmination of four months of research and years of experience within the offshore oil & gas decommissioning market in the GOM OCS. It comes off the back of the US' largest decommissioning and abandonment summit, attended by 700+ of the industries leading names.

Unbiased, easy to digest market analysis collated into:

  • Pages: 90+
  • Tables: 31
  • Figures: 42
  • Publication Date: March 2015
  • Format: Secure PDF

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