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5th Edition

Offshore Decommissioning Report 2014

Gulf of Mexico

Exclusive data and market analysis to build a cost effective strategy in the world’s largest offshore decommissioning market

The Gulf of Mexico (GoM) is the largest and most competitive decommissioning market in the world. The 5th Edition of the Offshore Decommissioning Report 2014 (published in March 2014) provides you with the latest exclusive data and analysis to help you secure business in a market that accounts for $1 billion+ revenue every year for the companies that support operations.

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Focused exclusively on decommissioning in the Gulf of Mexico

DecomWorld's Offshore Decommissioning Report 2014 is the only executive report that offers you pivotal analysis on the decommissioning market in the GoM. This detailed study ensures you have the latest insight:

  • Exclusive Market Forecast: Establish the number of structures expected to be decommissioned in the GOM over the next five years to build a robust business plan and tap into the unrivalled opportunities to expand your decom strategy
  • Offshore Fleet Analysis: Gain a clear view of market size by accessing the latest data on structures and wells, water depth and whether they are idle or producing, to help you form your future focus
  • Decommissioning Activity and Expenditure: Find out the demand for decommissioning services from the top 20 operators to help you win crucial business from the largest operators, establish where the niche needs are and so you can realign your services to their needs
  • GOM Decommissioning Trends: Gain key insight into key factors including market longevity, shallow vs. deep water decommissioning and the impact of hurricane activity to ensure you can seize the market share
  • Regulatory Highlights: Understand the impact regulations have on your decommissioning business including NTL 2010-G05 and Rigs-to-Reefs programs

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The key decommissioning questions answered in over 70 pages of in-depth analysis and exclusive data:

  • How many deepwater structures are likely to be decommissioned in the next five years?
  • How many structures are likely to be removed or reefed in 2014 and beyond?
  • What is the total size of the offshore decommissioning market?
  • Which operators are more likely to spend more on decommissioning on 2014 and beyond?
  • What are the factors that have the most impact on offshore decommissioning activity in the
    GOM region?

Stake your claim off the 2013 decommissioning activity

The Gulf of Mexico oil and gas industry is now proactively seeking answers to decommissioning of shelf assets. Previous years have been reactive, principally due to hurricane activity, which had caused extensive damage to platforms and associated infrastructure.

  • In 2013, between 225-260 structure removals and 1,181-1,417 well abandonments are expected to have been performed, generating between $1.8-$2.1 billion in decommissioning expenditures

  • In 2012, 285 structures were decommissioned and 1,269 wells were abandoned, the second highest level of activity performed in the GOM, and responsible for about $2.1 billion in spending.

  • ƒƒIn 2012-2013, 27 hurricane-destroyed structures were decommissioned.

  • The top 10 operators in 2013 were responsible for over 80% of structures decommissioned and over half of well abandonments.

  • Apache Shelf Corp. and Chevron Corp. spent about $500 million on decommissioning activities in 2013,
    roughly a third of the total market expenditure

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Insight from a thought leader in the decommissioning market

Prepared and written by Mark J. Kaiser, Professor and Director of the Research and Development Division at the Center for Energy Studies, Louisiana State University, this report is the culmination of four months of research and years of experience within the offshore oil & gas decommissioning market in the GOM OCS. It comes off the back of the US' largest decommissioning and abandonment summit, attended by 700+ of the industries leading names.

Unbiased, easy to digest market analysis collated into:

  • Pages: 70
  • Tables: 30
  • Figures: 33
  • Publication Date: March 2014
  • Format: Secure PDF

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I found Decomworld’s Offshore decommissioning report 2013-14, Gulf of Mexico a very informative read that has provided me with important information to support my business planning.

I was impressed by the depth of data, which we have used to increase our understanding of the remaining market opportunities in 2013. I would recommend this report to decommissioning service contractors seeking to improve their business strategies and succeed in 2013.

Lee Orgeron, CEO, Montco Offshore

DecomWorld’s Offshore decommissioning report 2013-14, Gulf of Mexico provides a valuable insight into the remaining market opportunities available to decommissioning contractors.

It offers a very impressive level of depth and breakdown of the market that has helped us when planning our workflow going forward.

I recommend this report to seasoned decommissioning executives analysing the development of the market in detail, including the size of the peak and the prospect of work plateauing. This level of detail makes the report a must read for those considering entering the market or expanding their investment.

Beau Martin, Owner, B&J Martin

DecomWorld’s Gulf of Mexico Offshore Decommissioning Report 2012 - 2013 presents a synopsis of the GoM decommissioning market and will be particularly valuable to Contractors planning for 2012 and beyond. The report provides good background information for new entrants as well as the basis of further debate for seasoned decommissioning specialists.

Gary Siems, Decommissioning Manager, Stone Energy

The only report to help your business planning in the Gulf of Mexico?

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