The 6th Edition of the Offshore report caters only for the leading contractors, operators and service providers looking to establish a robust strategy in this business critical market

DecomWorld's 6th annual Offshore Decommissioning Report is the only market intelligence report focused exclusively on offshore decommissioning in the Gulf of Mexico.

To establish whether this report is for you, we've pulled together a summary of the leading types of companies and job titles who have benefitted from our exclusive annual report over the last four years:

Company Types: Job Titles:
  • Integrated Contractor
  • Well P&A
  • Heavy Lift/Barges/Cranes/Salvage
  • Tooling
  • Survey/Excavation/Jetting/Inspection
  • Recycling / Scrap / Cleaning
  • ROV & Diving
  • Cutting
  • Consulting
  • Govt. Body
  • Environmental
  • Academic Institutions
  • Business Development
  • Projects
  • C-Level and VP
  • Engineering
  • Regulatory
  • Consultant/Lawyer

The report‘s focus is based on extensive research with the decommissioning community, meeting the needs of operators, service companies and executives focused on the burgeoning market:

  • Whether you are an integrated service provider with full-spectrum capabilities or a specialized provider, you would benefit from the market analysis and forecasts contained in this report.
  • If you are an Operator, this report will help you benchmark operations by showing you where you stand in relation to your peers in terms of decommissioning activity.
  • Investors & financial advisors would benefit from understanding the merger and acquisition activity in the US offshore decommissioning sector, gaining key data parameters to gauge the condition of the sector and potential investment including key players in the market with market share, actual decommissioning expenditure and forecast expenditure.

This report is essential intelligence for any organization seeking to develop an effective decommissioning strategy that is compliant, safe and cost effective and will improve your market share in this booming industry.

If you have any questions about the report please contact:

Aleksandra Sledzinska
Aleksandra Sledzinska
Client Relationship Manager
+44 (0) 207 422 4332