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3rd Annual

Offshore Safety Conference USA 2014

Sep 29 - Oct 1 2014
Doubletree By Hilton Houston - Greenway Plaza, Houston, USA

Engineered Safety
Control Major Hazard Risks through Human Factors Management, Drilling Process Improvement and Well Assurance

Building on the success of last year’s in-depth meeting, the Offshore Safety Conference returns for its third outing to bring together over 300 senior executives from the Oil & Gas industry.

The Offshore Safety Conference was established to raise the bar in offshore safety standards and practices for drilling and production operations. This year’s meeting will provide fresh insight into how oil and gas companies can engineer safety into their organizations through:

  • Enhanced human factors management
  • Safety culture development
  • Drilling process design and improvement
  • Process safety management
  • State-of-the-art technology

We, as an industry, must work together to adopt a much higher level of operational discipline that exceeds the current benchmark. It is the responsibility of senior executives, right down to the young engineers working offshore, to take responsibility and ensure every possible measure is taken to reduce the likelihood of Macondo-type incidents to “effective zero”. 

Keynote Speakers

Jeff Ostmeyer Kevin Lacey Richard Sears
Keynote Speaker John Turley
Author of "The Simple Truth: BP's Macondo Blowout"
and retired VP of Worldwide Drilling for Marathon
Keynote Speaker Kevin Lacy
Sr VP Global Drilling & Completions
Talisman Energy
Richard Sears
Consulting Professor
Stanford University


Key features include:

  • Operator SEMS Audit Case Studies: Gain exclusive insight into how operators carry out successful & compliant SEMS audits so you can apply best practice to your SEMS strategy
  • SEMS Regulatory Update from BSEE, USCG and COS including audit results, and the application of SEMS to drilling so you can ensure compliance & maximize safety
  • Develop a Safety Culture Strategy through effective Leadership, Organizational Change, Competence Assurance and Training in line with BSEE's Safety Culture Policy
  • Enhance Process Safety for Drilling Operations to prevent Major Workplace Hazards and ensure safe, reliable and compliant operations
  • Analyze the Contractor-Operator interface to clarify regulatory expectations and ensure drilling contractors and support services are in compliance with SEMS regulations

Download the brochure here for more details on the key drilling and production topics covered! →


The assembly of operators, contractors, service providers, consultants, and industry and regulatory representatives was outstanding - without inhibiting open exchange

Jim Kepper, Regional Representative - Process Safety, Shell E&P

2013 Conference Design - A Journey to Enhanced Process Safety

Months of detailed research and collaboration with over 80 senior executives and safety experts have contributed to the development and design of the market leading OPS Conference.

25 renowned discipline experts will present you with new and highly engaging content that will help to enhance your offshore Process Safety Management (PSM) strategy.

  • Network with over 200 key decision makers from Regulators, Operators, Contractors & Service Companies
  • Dynamic learning - workshops, presentations, panel discussions and debates
  • 25 Renowned topic experts
  • Exhibition showcasing new cost-saving PSM technologies and services

A good overview of current SEMS issues was presented along with several practical solutions. The sessions were well organized and the two chairman did an excellent job

Robin Pitblado, Director, SHE Risk Management Services, DNV

Exclusive new features for 2013!

The OPS Conference brings the offshore industry together once again to address the new regulations, HS&E, and Process Safety challenges faced in offshore drilling and production for 2013 and beyond.

This year’s conference will share captivating case studies, critical analyses and lessons learned, delivered by key operators, drilling contractors and leading service providers.

Key meeting features include:

  • SUCCESSFUL SEMS AUDIT CASE STUDIES from Petrobras and Pisces Energy
  • NETWORK AT THE LARGEST OFFSHORE SAFETY CONFERENCE with over 200 senior safety experts
  • ATTEND FREE WORKSHOPS to develop better process safety and business strategies
  • REGULATIONS UPDATE on SEMS II and more information about the USCG and BSEE Memorandum of Understanding
  • INDUSTRY PANEL DEBATE discussing operator-contractor expectations

Download the brochure for more details on brand new features for 2013! →


Enjoyed the speakers; Great networking - attendees were engaging, professional, and experienced in issues similar to the ones I work with on a regular basis

Farley Burge, HSSE Legal Counsel, BP

Conference Format and Design

September 10 Pre-conference Workshops
  • Drilling Strategy Workshop- How To Lead And Enforce Good Process Safety Management For Drilling Operations.
  • Contractor Workshop -Develop Your Business Strategy For Operator Compliance And Business Success
  • Safety Culture Workshop  - Enhancing The Safety Culture In Your Organization
September 11 Conference Day 1. Keynote Presentation Day
Chairman: Jim Kepper, Sr. Staff Facilities Engineer, Process Safety Lead Upstream Americas, Shell E&P
  • Lessons learned from past major accidents
  • BSEE and USCG regulatory updates and compliance requirements
  • SEMS audit case studies from Petrobras and Pisces Energy
  • Key elements for SEMS success
  • Human and Organizational Factors
  • Networking Drinks Evening
September 12 Conference Day 2
Chairman:Martyn Fear, VP, Drilling & Completions, Husky Energy LLC
  • Panel Discussion - Contractor-operator interface & challenges
  • Safety Case for Drilling
  • Risk Assessments and HAZOPS for drilling
  • Process Safety KPI’s
  • Operator Case Studies

The conference has been structured to provide a variety of topics that are applicable to both Drilling and Production operations, ensuring each day provides valuable information for drilling and production personnel. 

These are some of the key topics that will be discussed at this year’s meeting:

  • The regulatory regime covered by the USCG and BSEE
  • SEMS audit case studies
  • Developing Safety Culture
  • Competency Management and Training
  • The Contractor-Operator Interface
  • Human and Organizational Factors
  • Safety Management Systems for drilling
  • Identifying Major Hazard Risks for drilling and production
  • Drilling Contractor Case Studies
  • Process Safety KPI’s

View the brochure online here to learn more about the key topics covered this year →

What people said about 2012 OPS Conference:


The conference was very informative and the cross section of the attendees allowed for effective networking opportunities

Tracy Burger, Shell E&P

Marathon Oil Corp

Great networking opportunity. Very reputable and experienced presenters

Terry Guillory, Marathon Oil Corp

Pacific Drilling

The conference exceeded my expectations and gave a good solid understanding of how SEMS will be implemented'

Neil Campbell, Pacific Drilling

Industry Analysis - Where are we now?

Failures of the Safety Management System, coupled with poor Safety Culture are almost always the underlying cause of major accidents.

The general consensus across the oil and gas industry is that Process Safety Management (PSM) and its application to offshore operations requires significant improvement. Landmark past accidents such as Piper Alpha, Montara and Macondo have further demonstrated that failures of the Safety Management System, coupled with poor Safety Culture are almost always the underlying cause of major accidents. Both are inextricably linked and this is where the industry is struggling most.

Safety Management Systems can be enhanced but cannot be successful without a robust safety culture in place. Equally, a safety culture can only be achieved through successful leadership, training, competence management, and workforce engagement.

The OPS Conference aims to join up the dots and provide new approaches to Human and Organizational Factors Management as well as reducing Major Accident Hazard Risks and developing stronger barriers needed to prevent them.

GoM Regulatory Challenges

After the Deepwater Horizon tragedy, the Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) recently completed the Safety & Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) II final rule, which enhances the original SEMS Rule or Workplace Safety Rule, issued in October 2010. The introduction of the new rule, along with its regulatory requirements presents companies operating in the GoM with some difficult regulatory & compliance challenges:

  • Operators must complete a comprehensive audit of their SEMS across 15% of total facilities
  • Smaller, independent operators have less resources to meet all SEMS requirements
  • Contractors are struggling to meet varying SEMS expectations of different operators and there is no standardized approach. This process is inefficient, confusing and costly for contractors.

New solutions for overcoming the US offshore regulatory challenges will be presented at the OPS conference, including a BSEE and USCG regulatory update, operator SEMS audit case studies, and new discussions about the contractor-operator interface. Download the conference brochure here

Developing process safety in the coming years

Implementing the core values and principles required for a positive safety culture is going to be the biggest struggle for companies operating on the US OCS over the next 5 years.

The importance of safety culture and its link to preventing major accident hazards has been highlighted by BSEE’s Director Jim Watson in a Draft Safety Culture Policy Statement to ‘announce its expectation that individuals and organizations performing or overseeing activities regulated by BSEE establish and maintain a positive safety culture commensurate with the significance of their activities and the nature and complexity of their organizations and functions’. This Policy Statement is an indication of the forward focus of BSEE, marking Safety Culture as a top priority for offshore companies over the coming years.

Implementing the core values and principles required for a positive safety culture is going to be the biggest struggle for companies operating on the US OCS over the next 5 years.

In order to help industry  meet this new challenge the OPS conference has brought together regulators, drilling contractors, operators and leading safety experts to develop new strategies for better safety culture and more robust safety management systems for drilling and production operations.

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