High Level Networking & Knowledge Sharing Forum Offshore Asset Retirement Conference, North Sea 17th-18th Nov, 2014 // Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre, Aberdeen, UK

17-18 November 2014, Aberdeen: Ensure A Robust Asset Retirement Strategy For North Sea Assets

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Conference Day One - Monday, 17 November, 2014

7:30AM - Registration & Asset Retirement Technology Hall Opens

8:45AM - 8:50AM Welcome Speech from the Conference Director

Philip Chadney, Project Director, DecomWorld

8:50AM - 9:00AM Chairman’s Opening Speech

Brian Twomey, Managing Director, Reverse Engineering

SECTION 1: Asset Retirement: Now & in the Future

9:00AM - 9:30AM In-depth Decommissioning Regulatory Update from DECC

  • Get an exclusive update on the latest DECC regulation and guidelines for decommissioning and abandonment in the North Sea to understand regulatory changes and align your operations accordingly
  • Review the latest decommissioning challenges from a regulatory perspective to understand how industry can overcome these in-line with the Wood Review
  • Assess the work DECC is doing with offshore operators at the end of production life to safely and cost-effectively transition to decommissioning and abandonment

Audrey Banner, Head of Offshore Decommissioning Unit & Manager on Projects & Policy, Department of Energy & Climate Change

9:30AM - 10:00AM Decommissioning & Abandonment: A Question of Resources

  • Review the emerging reality of decommissioning from a cost and resources perspective to understand the top-level challenges and how they fit with the broader discussion of Energy Security in the North Sea
  • Assess the portfolio of offshore assets in the North Sea  to assess the current size and future scale of decommissioning and well plugging & abandonment
  • Take a detailed look at the resources in the North Sea to identify bottlenecks in the supply of specialist vessels, rigs and other critical assets

Eric Faulds, Managing Director, Eric Faulds Associates Ltd.

10:00AM - 10:30AM The Future of Decommissioning in the Context of a Shifting Regulatory Landscape

  • Review received wisdom on decommissioning in the context of unprecedented change to the regulatory architecture and the regulatory powers affecting the offshore oil and gas industry
  • Get a perspective on whether and how the implementation of the Wood Review might impact decommissioning and how a greater focus on maximising economic recovery will fit with changes to health, safety and environmental regulation
  • Consider whether uniting the identification of health, safety and environmental hazards and the quantification of such risks might lead to a rethink of decommissioning options

Prof. John Paterson, Co-Director, Centre for Energy Law, University of Aberdeen

10:30AM - 11:00AM Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition

11:00AM - 11:45AM Heads of Decommissioning Panel: Global Priorities for End of Life Assets

  • Get top-level operator perspectives from the global decommissioning leaders to assess the efforts being made to increase efficiency, safety and cost
  • Explore the strategic level challenges associated with asset retirement to understand which hurdles we must overcome as an industry
  • What can we do better? Q&A with the audience to understand what the consensus of challenges are and how we can approach these at a global level

Austin Hand, General Manager - Decommissioning & Restoration, Shell
Glenn Wilson, Decommissioning & UK Operations Manager, Hess Corporation
Alan Stokes, Global Decommissioning Manager, WorleyParsons

11:45AM - 12:15PM Executive JIP findings from decommissioning safety study

  • Get exclusive findings from Safetec’s decommissioning safety study conducted with Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips and Statoil to apply lessons learned to your upcoming end of life projects
  • Understand the major safety concerns associated with asset retirement and how to mitigate risks throughout your campaigns
  • Find out how operators in the North Sea are managing their asset retirement programs to balance risk, safety, cost and other critical factors

Stein Haugen, President, Safetec

12:15AM - 1:45AM Networking Lunch Break & Exhibition

SECTION 2: International Position & Perspectives - What can we learn from other parts of the world?

1:45AM - 2:15AM Addressing & Avoiding the Global Legacy Issues

  • Understand how the Asia-Pacific region is addressing the offshore decommissioning legacy issues and the recent steps taken in establishing guidelines
  • Review the steps needed to take now to avoid legacy issues in the future through decommissioning from design
  • Get real life examples of how decommissioning at the design phase has been successfully implemented to apply these approaches to your projects

Moya Crawford, Chairman of the SUT's International Salvage & Decommissioning Committee, Society of Underwater Technology

2:15PM - 2:45PM Where do we stand at a global level?

  • Get global decommissioning case studies to unify best practice and identify opportunities for improvements and innovations
  • Assess how the Gulf of Mexico are approaching their impending deepwater decommissioning challenge to apply approaches to deepwater North Sea projects
  • Review the challenges faced in other regions and how they differ from the North Sea to apply key takeaways

Brian Twomey, Managing Director, Reverse Engineering

2:45PM - 3:15PM Decommissioning in Denmark

  • Assess the market size for decommissioning activity in Denmark with an outlook on the facility facts and figures
  • Get case study insight on the competence and experience of decommissioning in Denmark to identify where you can add value
  • Take a look ahead at the future of decommissioning work in the region so that you can plan ahead and prepare effectively

Jesper Bank, Chief Commercial Officer, Port of Esjberg

3:15PM - 3:45PM Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition

SECTION 3: Prepare and Manage the Transition: Late Life to Decommissioning

3:45PM - 4:15PM Late Life Maintenance Strategy for Reducing Decom Costs

  • Understand which assets need the most attention during late life operations to ensure maximum efficiency during the decommissioning process
  • Review best practice for developing a robust late life maintenance strategy to balance the needs of operations and decommissioning teams
  • Ensure optimal timing for the initiation of your late life maintenance strategy to exploit cost efficiencies for the D&A process

Graham Taylor, Lead Decommissioning Engineer, WorleyParsons

4:15PM - 4:45PM How do I know whether to sell, decommission or extend the life of my assets?

  • How do we find out what is actually out there on our platforms?
  • How do we optimise our information to be ready for decommissioning?
  • What due diligence work can we undertake to assist in potential platform sales?

Ed Brown, CEO, Asbuilt Decom

4:45PM - 5:15PM Mind the gaps – seamless process to CoP and beyond!

  • Maximise opportunities through planning early in the process to avoid missing the gaps to help maximise reuse, whilst minimising rework
  • Understand how ABB have been delivering and managing onshore decommissioning projects to apply key takeaways and lessons learned
  • Utilize these lessons learned to seamlessly transition from late life operations to close of production and decommissioning as part of a robust retirement strategy

Steve Andrew, Demolition and Remediation Manager, ABB Consulting

5:15PM - 6:30PM Networking Drinks Reception & Exhibition

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Conference Day Two - Tuesday, 18 November, 2014

8:00AM - Registration & Asset Retirement Technology Hall Opens

8:45AM - 8:50AM Chairman’s Opening Speech

Alan Stokes, Global Decommissioning Manager, WorleyParsons

8:50AM - 9:30AM MASTERCLASS: Building the Optimal Decommissioning Project Team

  • Learn how decommissioning organizations are being structured to establish what the end game really looks like
  • How to integrate functions within the decommissioning team which can effectively manage a transition from production operations to decommissioning
  • Debate what skillset is required for those taking apart the assets and whether this skillset lies in the operations or project organizations of the business

Alan Stokes, Global Decommissioning Manager, WorleyParsons

9:30AM - 10:10AM MASTERCLASS: Robust Cost Estimation Process Applied Decommissioning

  • Understand the importance of cost estimation for successful project execution
  • Review cost estimation accuracy across different industries
  • Find out how good our cost estimation is to date on completed projects
  • Assess cost estimation applied to decommissioning 
  • Learn how to build a robust decommissioning cost estimation process 
  • See how accurate current decommissioning accruals are

Dr Brian Twomey, Manager Director & Principal Consultant, Reverse Engineering Services Ltd.

SECTION 4: Approaching the Biggest Removal Challenges Now & for the Future

10:10AM - 10:40AM Case Study: End-of-life Options for First North Sea Subsea Bundle

  • Get latest insight on the subsea decommissioning program for the Leadon field to assess the scale of decommissioning work remaining
  • Review the options that were considered for the first large diameter subsea bundle (4ft high pipeline, 4km in length) to understand the comparative assessments that took place to establish the base case methodology
  • Assess the reasons for leaving the large diameter bundle in situ and how this impacts future monitoring campaigns and risk management

Martin Simms, Senior Subsea Engineer, Maersk Oil North Sea UK Limited

10:40AM - 11:00AM Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition

11:00AM - 11:30AM Case Study: Underwater Cutting - A Novel Development

  • Get a brief overview of underwater cutting techniques to understand the context of developing a new technology
  • An overview of the current status of the development of a novel laser based underwater cutting system along with the advantages of the technique
  • A forward look to the next stage of development

Dr Richard Neilson, Director of Research, College of Physical Sciences, University of Aberdeen

SECTION 5: Well P&A: Our Biggest Challenge

11:30AM - 12:00PM Well P&A Case Study: Effective P&A Solution “Get on the train before rush hour or you may stand alone all the way”

  • Find out how OIS are meeting the challenges associated with well plugging and abandonment of suspended wells in the North Sea
  • Understand the Commercial model, Multi-Operator vs Standalone, Retainer, Cost Savings
  • Get case study insight into a cutting-edge SWAT system which has been used to abandon over 80 Category 2 subsea wells in the UKCS

Valerio Percoco, Vice President - Business Development, Offshore Installation Services

12:00PM – 12:30PM PLASMABIT Technology - Answer to P&A Cost Reduction

  • Assess the critical well P&A challenges that the offshore industry are currently experiencing
  • Understand how technology innovation can meet the P&A challenges so that you can apply these solutions to your well P&A programs
  • Get case study insight on PLASMABIT – an effective solution to casing removal

Tomas Kristofic, Chief Technology Officer, GA Drilling

12:30PM – 2:00PM Networking Lunch Break & Exhibition

SECTION 6: Environmental Considerations

2:00PM – 2:20PM Environmental Studies and Data to Support a Decommissioning Programme

  • Review the key data requirements and studies to have in place before commencing the planning and execution of a decommissioning project - an environmental consultants perspective
  • Understand how to get the most out of your environmental consultant, project scope, communications and lessons learnt

Gareth Jones, Principal Consultant, BMT Cordah Ltd. 

2:20PM – 3:15PM Panel Session & Short Presentations: Environmental Challenges & Approaches

  • Discuss what the standard of cleanliness is for particular decommissioning assets, such as pipelines - how clean is clean?
  • Engage in panel discussions between onshore disposal yards, offshore cleaning companies and environmental consultants to establish to expectations, capabilities and regulatory framework
  • Assess the challenges in NORM management and the infrastructure in place to handle this effectively

Eirill Hatlevik, VP Decommissioning, Kvaerner
Gareth Jones, Principal Consultant, BMT Cordah Ltd.
Eric Faulds, Managing Director, Eric Faulds Associates Ltd.
Louise Carter, Waste Manager, D3 Consulting

3:15PM Close of Offshore Asset Retirement Conference 2014


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