2019 Agenda

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The Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit consistently produces world class agendas, based on 50+ hours of research with the industry’s leading experts. In 2018 hot topics included emerging technologies in well P&A, BOEM’s ongoing work to review NTL 2016-N01, international operator case studies, economic efficiency in facility decommissioning and a decade of decommissioning data. You will not get this level of detail anywhere else on the planet.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what past operator attendees had to say:

  • BP

    "It was a good eye opener of the long term challenges the oil industry faces regarding the safe and secure abandonment of wells and facilities"

    - BP

    "A comprehensive session with critical and enlightening information"

  • "It was a great opportunity to meet the main players of this sector and a good oppotunity to discuss the future of this sector with them"

    - Andrade Gutierrez
  • Abrado

    "An invaluable conference for any service company active in the global well abandonment space"

    - Abrado
  • Intecsea

    "As in past years the Decomworld conference in Houston Texas goes from strength to strength. The quality of both the speaker and the presented material gets better and more informative every year."

    - Intecsea
  • Seplat Petroleum Development Company PLC

    "I'm very pleased to have participated in the summit. It was productive, informative, a learning arena for me. It was time well-spent and resources well-channeled"

    - Seplat Petroleum Development Company PLC
  • Seplat Petroleum Development Company PLC

    "The summit was rich both in content and participation. For me, it was quite productive, informative, a learning arena, time well spent, and resources well-channeled. I'm very pleased to have participated in the event"

    - Seplat Petroleum Development Company PLC

    "Very informative and meeting my expectations"


Check out the agenda from 2018 below:

Day 1 Day 2


08:00-08:10 DecomWorld Welcome Speech & Chairman's Introduction

Charlotte Howlett, Senior Project Director, DecomWorld &
Aly Hakam, SCU Project Manager, Chevron

08:10-08:55 10 years in Decommissioning: Data, Lessons Learned and The Future of Decommissioning
  • See what has transpired over the past 10 years of decommissioning the U.S. GOM
  • Participate in an interactive question and answer session to learn from the experiences and expectations of other conference participants
  • Obtain a glimpse in to the future of the U.S. GOM D&A activity and provide input to the areas of focus for future technology development

Ernest Hui, Global Decommissioning Business Improvement Lead, Shell
Gary Siems, President, PAR Specialists LLC
Bruce Crager, Executive VP, Endeavor Management

08:55-09:25 BOEM’s Renewal of Financial Risk Management
  • Learn about BOEM’s ongoing work to review NTL 2016-N01 to provide clarity and consistency to the industry for its implementation
  • Hear how BOEM are incorporating feedback from the industry during the renewal of the policy
  • Understand how the updated NTL 2016-N01 will implement a more robust financial assurance program to account for future decommissioning costs

Mike Celata, GOM Regional Director, BOEM

09:25-9:55 BSEE’s Work to Support Safe and Environmentally Sound Offshore Platform Removal
  • Hear guidance from BSEE on what they are looking for from the industry to allow decommissioning to be completed in a safer and more effective manner
  • Hear the common challenges encountered by BSEE when receiving decommissioning applications and how these can be initially prevented, including removal permits and detailing pipelines
  • Understand the work BSEE are conducting to ensure safety for trawlers following platform removal and how this saves future costs for operators

Paul Versowsky, Chief Office of Structural & Technical Support, BSEE

10:25-10:55 Navigating Legal and Regulatory Issues Related to Decommissioning and Abandonment
  • Overview of current Administration statements and policies on financial assurance and decommissioning
  • Discussion of potential decommissioning and financial assurance reforms
  • Optimal strategies for engaging BSEE, BOEM and other federal agencies
  • What to expect in the event of a safety/environmental incident during decommissioning operations

Mike Farber, Partner, Van Ness Feldman, LLP.

10:55-11:25 Decommissioning and Financial Assurance Issues from the Bankruptcy Lense
  • Hear a discussion of strategic steps to negotiate with BOEM and BSEE to address financial assurance and decommissioning obligations
  • Hear case studies from special oil & gas regulatory counsel in numerous Chapter 11 bankruptcies (ATP Oil & Gas Corporation, Black Elk Energy Offshore Operations LLC, Pacific Energy Resources Ltd., RAAM Global Energy Company, et al, Northstar Offshore Group LLC and Memorial Production Partners, LP, et al)

Tony Marino, Partner, Slattery, Marino and Roberts

11:25:12:15 Leave vs. Retrieve
  • Hear an overview and of Net Environmental Benefits Analysis (NEBA) and understand the benefits that NEBA can have for the industry
  • Gain insights on an operator view of NEBA and Comparative Assessment, and hear a specific case study which has used NEBA
  • Comprehend the current status of decommissioning in the North Sea and the effects of OSPAR on the North Sea industry

Bruce Crager, Executive VP, Endeavor Management
Greg Minnery, Snr Environmental Scientist, Chevron
Joe Nicolette, Managing Partner and Ecosystem Services Practice Leader, EPS, Inc.
Jim Christie, Operations Manager, Endeavor Management


14:00-14:25 Operator Case Study:The Redevelopment & Part-Decommissioning of Tyra
  • Hear about a partial-decommissioning, partial-rebuild project taking place within the North Sea
  • Understand the lessons that have been learned during the development of its robust decommissioning and contracting strategy
  • Recognize the operational experience which can be shared across the globe and the key takeaway messages from this case study

David Sinclair, Head of Decommissioning, Maersk Oil

14:25-14:50 Operator Case Study: Brazil’s Bulk Decommissioning
  • Understand the scope of decommissioning work in Brazil and how the surge in deepwater decommissioning activity is being addressed
  • Understand the economic efficiencies being created through increased volume of bulk decommissioning work within Brazil
  • Hear how the lessons learned from current and past decommissioning projects in Brazil can improve global project execution and reduce decommissioning costs worldwide

Eduardo Zacaron, Decommissioning Manager, Petrobras

14:50-15:35 Emerging Decommissioning Strategies in Brazil - Joining Science, Regulation and Business
  • Get an update on the current and upcoming decommissioning opportunities in Brazil and how this will be managed
  • Hear a discussion about the emerging strategies for decommissioning
  •  Understand how science, regulation and business can work together to deliver outstanding decommissioning projects
Chair: Melinda Truskowski, Director Oil and Gas - Americas, Ramboll
Richard Wenning, Principal & Ecology Services Practice Leader, Ramboll
Caroline Goncalves, Associate - Environment, Consumer & Climate Change, Trench Rossi Watanabe
Luiz Antonio Simões Salomão Junior, Petroleum Engineer, PetroRio O&G
Eduardo Zacaron, Decommissioning Manager, Petrobras
16:05-16:30 Operator Case Study: Lessons Learned from the Griffin Project, Australia
  • Understand key lessons learned from the recently-completed 13 well P&A at Griffin in North West Shelf Australia, using a shallow water floater rig, and the ways in which anticipated issues were encountered and dealt with efficiently
  • Hear about the planning process that was followed and see the results that were actually achieved

Mike Pottle, Snr Drilling Engineer, BHP

16:30-16:55 India Tapti Case Study: Pre-Planning Success – The First D&R Project in India
  • Asset scope and Decommissioning decisions
  • Working with Indian stakeholders
  • Lesson learned and opportunities for improvement

Bert Fokkema, Global D&A Policy Manager, Shell

16:55-17:20 Operator Case Study: North Sea Decommissioning Experience - Lessons Learned
  • Hear about the commencement of decommissioning project within the North Sea and the lessons that have been learned during the development of its robust decommissioning and contracting strategy
  • Hear how to establish contracting strategy early in select, recognize the importance of getting management commitment for projects including resources
  • Understand the importance of subsurface for P&A and starting in good time before COP

Mike Bishop, Project Manager Rev Decommissioning Project, Repsol Norway

17:20-17:45 Operator Case Study: Upcoming Decommissioning in Asia
  • Learn about upcoming decommissioning opportunities throughout Asia and the importance of creating an early, robust decommissioning plan
  • Hear case study data on challenges faced during decommissioning planning, and how best to overcome these in an immature decommissioning market
  • Understand how resources, tools and methods can be shared across regions to reduce worldwide cost

Supachai Khotpankool, Senior Facilities Engineer (Structural) Chevron


Day 2

07:50-08:00 Chairman’s Welcome

Larry Johnson, Decommissioning & Abandonment Lead, BHP

07:50-08:00 Chairman’s Welcome

John Hand, Technology Manager, ConocoPhillips

08:00-09:00 An alternative approach to reverse installation
  • Decommissioning of oil and gas assets can be technically complex and a regulatory headache. The capital cost of decommissioning has little to no return on investment, so project efficiency, regulatory compliance and achieving cost certainty and efficiency in execution of activities is fundamental
  • An alternative approach to reverse installation involves using best practice approaches such as salvage decommissioning

Moderator: Nick Odinet, Independent
Steve Gilbert, Director of Asset Management and Decommissioning, Lloyd's Register
Dave Sinclair, Head of Decommissioning, Maersk Oil
John Cox, Global Decommissioning Lead, INTECSEA
Jon Minshall, Director of Projects, Ardent

08:00-08:30 Multiple String Casing Section Milling to Optimize Barrier placement and mitigate sustained casing pressure
  • Milling Below Restricted IDs / Collapsed Casings / Casing Patch
  • Under ream / Clean Out Casing IDs
  • Multi-String Casing Severing

Charles Rougeau, VP - GMS’s Snr. Consultant, GMS Contract Services

08:30-09:00 Maximum Casing Removal with New Perforating System for Single Trip Perf & Wash Applications
  • Review of current methods/techniques of well plugging​
  • Overview of Perforate and Hydro Wash Process (Perf 'n Wash)​
  • Development of single trip casing removal perforating system​
  • Advantages and benefits​
  • Case Histories​
  • What’s next?

David Ambler, Perforating Product Line Manager, GEODynamics

09:00-09:45 Panel Session: New Contractual Terms and Insurance Coverages in an Evolving Regulatory Environment
  • How the evolving U.S. and U.K. regulatory structures impact decommissioning projects and cost savings.  Will we have multi operator decommissioning contracts in the GOM?
  • New decommissioning contracts are being drafted to fairly apportion project responsibilities and reduce costs. The Bimco Dismantlecon and other concepts are examples that will be discussed
  • Insurers are creating fit for purpose decommissioning policies for operators and contractors.  Do these new coverages fit the evolving contractual regimes?  

Peter Pintar, Snr. VP and General Manager, Offshore Services Division - TETRA Technologies, Inc.
Glenn Legge, Partner, HFW
Tom Walters, Partner, HFW

09:00-09:45 Driving Decom Performance: What really matters?
  • Learn what really matters when designing decommissioning programs and contracting strategies; e.g. what is the true impact of bundling and campaigns?
  • Hear how operators and governments are driving their performance agenda in decommissioning to deliver excellent projects and reduce abex by 20-30%+
  • See the demo of a performance management tool and learn how others are using this to drive improved performance

Lead: Phillip Whittaker, Decommissioning Director, Boston Consulting Group
Martha Vasquez, Decommissioning Leader, Boston Consulting Group
Dave Sinclair, Head of Decommissioning, Maersk Oil
Mike Bishop, Project Manager Rev Decommissioning Project, Repsol

10:15-10:45 Optimise Decommissioning decisions for Offshore Platforms by deconstructing a holistic Structural Integrity Management (SIM) approach empowered by technology
  • Hear about how to optimise the Decommissioning schedules and costs of offshore platforms with a holistic SIM approach that integrates Advanced Structural Reliability analysis with Technology based Condition Assessment and Dynamic Monitoring of ageing assets
  • Understand how an effective SIM implementation maximizes asset lifespan and helps defer decom decisions
  • Learn from case studies that demonstrate how integrating robust SIM decisions in decom projects can mitigate challenges faced by operators in a time and cost critical business environment

Partha Dev, Principal Structural Engineer & Business Development Lead, Rosen Group

10:15-10:45 Section-Milling Reinvented: Leave the swarf and save time!
  • Review challenges encountered to establish a rock-to-rock barrier for well abandonment applications
  • Learn about a novel section milling system leaving the swarf downhole
  • Understand how this system reduces HSE risk, rig time and well abandonment costs

Bart Joppe, Director Integrated Well Abandonment, Baker Hughes a GE Company

10:45-11:15 Synergies and knowledge transfer from the marine salvage sector to offshore decommissioning
  • Hear about 3 recent offshore decom case studies and understand how a salvage heritage can positively influence offshore decommissioning; both technically and commercially.
  • Case study 1 – North Canada Caissons Removal: The role of stakeholder engagement will be featured to demonstrate how a day rate project can be executed ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Case study 2 – UK Metrological Mast Removal: In this review, Ardent will explain how genuine collaboration across the supply chain can generate positive outcomes across the value chain
  • Case study 3 – Decom Yard Comparative Assessment Study: Ardent applied naval architectural and salvage insight to produce a comparative assessment study to define feasible methods of landing floating structures, onto the quayside. Thereby, adding value to yard utilization prospects

Stuart Martin, Sales & Marketing Director, Ardent

10:45-11:30 PACE Panel Session:Building a collaborative technology development environment in P&A
  • Objectives of PACE (Plugging & Abandonment Collaborative Environment)
  • Our approach to achieving collaboration
  • Technical topics and progress so far

Moderator: Chuck Greer, Well Abandonment Adviser, Chevron
Henry StAubyn, Principal Consultant, OTM Consulting/PACE Network
John Hand, Technology Manager, ConocoPhillips
Johan Kverneland, Lead P&A R&D, Total E&P
Douglas Zimpfer, Wells Technology Team Lead, Shell

11:15-12:15 Planning for Decommissioning: How to Optimize Your Strategy
  • Understand the potential challenges arising from planning shortcomings, both in the end of life phases of offshore decommissioning, and in the beginning of life during offshore development
  • Identify the key lessons learned from the industry on when to start planning and how to strategically strategize for the eventual decommissioning of offshore assets
  • Recognize how systematic planning may minimize costs and risks to health/safety and the environment by reducing the probability of unsatisfactory decom outcomes

Moderators: Emily Callaghan, Co-Founder, Blue Latitudes LLC & Randy Mandel, VP of Technical Services, Great Ecology
Brandon DeWolfe, Snr Facilities Engineer, Fieldwood Energy
James Wiseman, Snr. Deepwater Project Manager, Noble Energy
Bryan Wood, Global Decommissioning Advisor for Offshore Decommissioning CoE, ExxonMobil
Amber Jackson, Co-Founder, Blue Latitudes LLC

11:30-12:00 P&A Perforating History and Technological Advancements
  • Get a brief history of the advancements of P&A perforating technologies over the last 30 years
  • Understand how the introduction of these technologies has significantly increased the breadth of wells capable of being P&A with this equipment, and in turn boosted perforating’s involvement as a whole in regard to decommissioning
  • Hear about a specific case study where the new breed of perforator was successfully deployed

James Kinsey, Energetics Design Lead, Core Laboratories/Owen Oil Tools Division

Lunchtime Workshop: New contractual terms and insurance coverages

Glenn Legge, Partner, HFW Houston
Tom Walters, Partner, HFW London
Lunchtime Workshop: New contractual terms and insurance coverages

Glenn Legge, Partner, HFW Houston
Tom Walters, Partner, HFW London
13:45-14:15 TSB Offshore Benchmarking
  • Hear about TSB Offshore’s latest decommissioning and benchmarking work
  • Understand the latest successes
  • Recognise the work TSB are doing to drive the decom industry forward

Will Speck, Director of Projects, TSB Offshore

13:45-14:15 A Fully Integrated Collaboration
  • Hear about the Expro/Petrus approch to fieldwide asset integrity
  • Understand how to maximize production enhancement opportunities
  • Hear about the Expro/Petrus approach to late life asset management and decommissioning 

Kevin Illingworth, Global Business Manager, Expro
Daniel Schmidt, CEO & President, Petrus

14:15-14:45 A Life-Cycle Approach to Decommissioning Planning
  • Understand the key lesson learned to date from life cycle Decom planning;
  • Recognize how planning prior to project installation is key as it impacts Life of Field and well designs, contracting & regulatory/bonding strategies and which equipment can be decom in place
  • Understand the evolving practices within new facility designs to maximize safety and economic efficiency when preparing for decommissioning

Rick Cody, DW-Land D&A Consultant, Marubeni

14:15-15:00 Panel Session: Managing Abandonment Strategy through Project Management (PM)
  • Understand the importance of sound project management when planning for and managing abandonment strategy, looking at how to plan, close out, document, and prove to the regulatory bodies that strategy is compliant with regulations
  • Hear from major and independent operators on maximizing savings by using a PM approach, and key performance indicators that assess the success of the project
  • Hear key Project Management lessons learned during the abandonment and restoration to better understand how to deal with the management and business side of abandonment

Moderator: Kurt Albaugh P.E., Independent Project Management Consultant
Clay Thompson, P.E., Worldwide Facilities Marine Engineering Manager, Anadarko Petroleum
Giancarlo Mangiafico, Project Coordination Manager, ENI US
Gary Siems, President, PAR Specialists LLC

14:45-15:15 Impact of Law & Regulation in Optimizing Project & Engineering Specifications as a Basis for a Realistic Decommissioning Cost Estimation Process
  • Recap of decommissioning lessons learned, and understand the effect of law and regulation on the decommissioning project specification
  • The importance of a robust and approved compliant project & engineering specifications in decommissioning and well P&A projects to predict actual project costs
  • How to agree and achieve compliance and sign off with all parties in decommissioning and well P&A projects at the minimal cost
  • The effect of specific local law and regulation on the specification of decommissioning and well P&A projects impacting cost

Brian Twomey, Reverse Engineering Services
Ernest Hui, Global Decommissioning Business Improvement Lead, Shell

15:00-15:30 Dual String Section Mill – New Technology which reduces P&A costs
  • • Review the design criteria and operations procedures associated with the new technology
    • Discuss the methodology of a system which can remove adjacent casing strings to set a permanent rock-to-rock barrier
    • Examine operations which resulted in significant cost savings to the Client

Delaney Olstad, Product Line Champion | Intervention Services, Weatherford

15:15-16:00 Panel Session: Operational Experience in Decommissioning
  • Hear from operators on deepwater decommissioning, with a focus on both planning and operational experience, to learn how to address the challenges faced over the next 10 years
  • Understand the lessons that have been learned during decommissioning activity to date and how this can be addressed during future projects
  • Review GoM installation counts by category and water depth, with BSEE assigned liability unit rates, vs. operator assessment of options.
  • Recap recent Australian and N. Sea regulator guidance to utilize comparative assessment to support operator recommendations

Clay Thompson, Worldwide Facilities Marine Engineering Manager, Anadarko
Larry Johnson, Decommissioning & Abandonment Lead, BHP

16:00-16:30 COFFEE TO GO

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