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Driving Collaboration for Decommissioning Synergy: 2020 Agenda

Over 50 of the industry’s leading experts will share insights, debate approaches and provide solutions to help you drive decommissioning, abandonment and late-life excellence. Whether you’re looking to hear from leading E&P executives, innovative solution providers, technology trailblazers or international regulators, DecomWorld has it all!

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Day One: 31 March 2020

The Future of Global Decommissioning
DecomWorld 2020 Chairman’s Welcome
  • Join 500 decommissioning experts as we conduct live polls to gain insights into industry opinions on key topics
  • Share your opinions and learn what the industry is thinking through a series of polls
  • Pose questions to experts in the audience about the industry and what you hope you get out of the conference
A Global Update: Decommissioning on Six Continents
  • Review the international market for decommissioning and abandonment from industry leaders in LATAM, AsiaPac, the North Sea and West Africa
  • Gain insight into global approaches to the challenges faced during decommissioning and abandonment
  • Compare the progress of projects across six continents and anticipate future hotspots through this interactive panel session

Repsol-Sinopec Alvaro Ranero VP Decommissioning Repsol-Sinopec

Petrobras Eduardo Zacaron Head of Decommissioning Petrobras

Call Action on Campaign Abandonment in AsiaPac
  • Get updated on developments within the most rapidly developing region for decommissioning and pin-point abandonment hotspots
  • Beyond Malaysia and Australia; hear how rising obligation in Brunei could shift the focus of decommissioning efforts in AsiaPac
  • Harness transferable lessons learned from developments in the region in order to tailor decommissioning strategies to increasingly complex facilities
Networking Coffee Break
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Integrate, Aggregate, Collaborate
There’s Hope in Scope
  • Hear how aggregating potential and bundling projects can help you realize economies of scale and unlock time and cost efficiencies across projects
  • Understand how risk and control sharing can drive a new collaborative era of decommissioning
  • Debate the potential for inter-operator campaign decommissioning and the progress of both previous and potential attempts at campaign projects

BP Win Thornton VP Decommissioning BP

Total David Sinclair DSO CPH Offshore Product Line, Late Life & Decommissioning Total

Shell Ernest Hui D&R Global Centre of Excellence Shell

Turn-key Panel: Barrier and Enablers
  • Assess the barriers and enablers to turn-key and lump sum tenders in order to best fit contract strategies to buy scope
  • Discuss how time and materials activities can be bought under unit rates, and how unit rates can be moved toward lump sum payments
  • Understand how an outcome focused supply-chain can help further drive innovation and future savings

Oxy Clay Thompson Marine Engineering Manager Oxy

Project Update: Costs Go South in the North Sea
  • Hear exclusive case-study takeaways from the VP Decommissioning at Repsol-Sinopec, a joint venture that currently holds the largest UK decommissioning portfolio in the North Sea
  • Understand how to implement successful time and cost estimation in order to reduce draw on contingencies and realize the potential for schedule optimization to generate compound savings
  • Learn how Repsol-Sinopec remained ahead of the decommissioning curve whilst bringing projects in well under budget

Repsol-Sinopec Alvaro Ranero VP Decommissioning Repsol-Sinopec

Networking Lunch

Contrasting Approaches to Comparative Assessment
  • Contrast approaches to comparative assessment in order to weigh up the pros and cons of various decommissioning options
  • Hear how comparative assessment of safety, costs, carbon footprint, commercial and recreational fisheries issues, environmental impact  and more can ensure decommissioning excellence
  • Discuss how comparative assessment can be utilized within a risk based approach to regulation and its potential impact on ensuring safe and effective abandonment 

Endeavour Management (Moderator) Bruce Crager EVP Endeavour Management

BHP Larry Johnson Principal Engineer of Global Decommissioning BHP

UK Oil & Gas Joe Leask Decommissioning Manager UK Oil & Gas

ExxonMobil David Palandro Senior Aquatic and Marine Environmental Advisor ExxonMobil

Petrobras Eduardo Nicolosi Subsea Engineering Specialist Petrobras

International Regulatory Panel
  • Compare and contrast international approaches to regulation in multiple international jurisdictions
  • Hear regulatory experts from across the globe share the scope for their move towards models of comparative assessment
  • Strategize methods to navigate regulatory uncertainty in different jurisdictions including the potential for risk-based vs. prescriptive approaches and how to implement safe and effective decom

Ramboll (Moderator) Melinda Truskowski Principal Ramboll

ANP Brazil Alex Garcia de Almeida Assessor do Diretor-Geral ANP Brazil

Oil and Gas Authority UK Ian Fozdar Decommissioning Manager Oil and Gas Authority UK

Ramboll New Zealand Dan McClary Senior Managing Consultant Ramboll New Zealand

Afternoon Networking Break
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Leverage Legal Frameworks to Navigate the Regulatory Wildcard
  • Hear from legal experts on how to ensure compliance amongst complex regulatory environments
  • Understand the implication that tightening regulation will have on your facility
  • Gain key takeaways on how to navigate prescriptive and risk-based regulatory approaches to ensure safe abandonment post CoP
Deep-Dive: West Coast Obligations
  • Deep-dive into the mounting obligations off the US West Coast
  • Understand the impact of strong environmental protections alongside both public and regulatory oversight on different decommissioning proposals 
  • Get updated on the world’s first state-run decommissioning project and gain actionable take-aways from regulators approach to abandonment
Interactive Technology Showcase
  • Witness live demonstrations and quick-fire presentations of the latest innovations, which hold the potential to maximize safety, unlock efficiencies and drive savings
  • Be the judge in this live series of ‘Shark-Tank’ style pitches where pioneers in technology share the inside track on the latest tech
  • Hear real-time feedback from our expert judges on these carefully selected pitches to ensure you stay ahead of the innovation curve


Actenum Owen Plowman Vice President Actenum

Amphibious Energy Willem Van Der Merwe Director Amphibious Energy

BF Marine Engineering Bob Furness COO BF Marine Engineering


BP Win Thornton VP Decommissioning BP

Shell Ernest Hui D&R Global Centre of Excellence Shell

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Day Two: 1 April 2020

Wells Track
Facilities Track
Late Life Asset Management Track
Powered by ABS Group
Keynote: Cross Industry Panel: Readiness for Rigless
  • Evaluate the potential of rigless abandonment and understand how to make it the ‘go to’ method in order to increase price certainty and drive down expenditure
  • Gain key take-aways on how to mitigate rig day expenses and ensure accurate schedule estimation based upon barge rates
  • Discuss the value of key-enabling technologies and the significance of new tubing, logging and section milling tools in the drive for rigless abandonment
GOM Decommissioning Roadmap
  • Refocus: get updated on the changing operator landscape within the GOM and harness lessons learned from those still operating on the shelf
  • Gain insight into diverse operating strategies and approaches from those operating in the home of offshore decommissioning
  • Understand the GOM decommissioning pipeline and the impact of the regulatory regime in the region on those still operating there

National Ocean Industries Association (Chair) Erik Milito President National Offshore Industry Association

Chevron Greg Kusinski Senior Advisor, Regulatory, Technology and Acceptance Chevron

Arena Offshore Justin Nelson Facilities Engineer Arena Offshore

The Future Value of Asset Maintenance: The Future Value Proposition
  • Get proactive; understand the future value proposition and understand the importance of an integrated thinking of decommissioning and restoration
  • Understand the importance of D&R clarity and the potential of different late maintenance and life extension strategies
  • Debate the potential for design for decom, reuse and recycle options to transform the way in which industry views decommissioning

Shell Ernest Hui D&R Global Centre Excellence Shell

Keynote: Rigless, Swarfless Section Milling – a Medusa® case history
  • Unlock insights from a case history of “rock to rock” well abandonment
  • Overcome the need to remove swarf while dual string section milling and gain lessons learned on how sound operating practices can minimize trips 
  • Milling up vs milling down; realize the benefit of being able to go both ways and unlock cost savings

Abrado Wellbore Services Sandy Esslemont Executive Director Abrado Wellbore Services

The Global Decom Market: An EPRD Contractors Perspective
  • Understand what the decommissioning sector looks like from the perspective of an EPRD contactor
  • Harness lessons learned from experience gathered on recent projects
  • Explore how improved collaboration can help drive cost reduction

Ardent Stuart Martin Business Development Director Ardent

Project Deep Dive: Effective Late-Life Management
  • Gain exclusive case study insight into how Repsol-Sinopec have successfully collaborated to ensure optimized performance in asset late-life
  • Harness actionable lessons learned from Repsol-Sinopec’s successful transition of Beatrice and Saltire assets to NNA status
  • Understand how technology can be used to provide remote well and infrastructure monitoring post CoP in order to slash costs and ensure safe and timely monitoring

Repsol-Sinopec Luis Batalla Decommissioning Manager Repsol-Sinopec

Networking Coffee Break
Check out the 2020 Speaker Faculty

Wells Track
Facilities Track
Late Life Asset Management Track
Powered by ABS Group
Technology: PACE Panel: Exploring Innovation and Industry R&D Levels
  • Discuss the current R&D hot spots as observed by PACE and how they align with operator’s needs
  • Beyond existing capability gaps - based on current R&D levels, understand which capability gaps of today look set to remain in the near future
  • Stay up to date with the latest innovations and build your tech portfolio to adapt your plugging approach to diverse technical challenges

Plugging and Abandonment Collaborative Environment Henry StAubyn VP, Advisory US Plugging and Abandonment Collaborative Environment

The ‘Cutting Edge’ of Facilities Removal
  • Unleash the potential for development in cutting technology to ensure efficient and safe facilities removal
  • Hear how next-gen laser cutting techniques, explosive breaking and diamond saw innovations can save you time and ensure decommissioning safety
  • Discuss the potential for ROV’s to change the game of subsurface extraction and removal in order to drive future savings
Strategizing Methods for Late-Life Optimization
  • Understand how effective optimization of operation expense can minimize costs in asset late-life
  • Hear how to manage capital expenditure in late-life in order to reduce costs in the both the lead up to, and post CoP
  • Realize the importance of asset integrity for decommissioning efficacy and how breaking silos between decom and operations teams can ensure late-life efficacy

Total David Sinclair DSO CPH Offshore Product Line, Late Life & Decommissioning Total

Technology: Plugging the Gap
  • Understand the scope for alternative materials to ensure safe and secure plugging and abandonment
  • Get the inside track on developments in Bismuth and Thermite plugging technology with the potential to slash costs and maximize safety
  • Pin-point developments in plugging tubing and logging tools to understand how effective rock to rock barriers can be formed whilst keeping completions in the ground
Reducing Dependency on HLV’s
  • Gain insight into the latest developments in lift technology in order to ensure safe and effective facilities removal
  • Hear how developments in two barge lift techniques and modular buoyancy removal methods can reduce your reliance on heavy lift vessels
  • Get the inside scoop on how operators are meeting the challenges of untenable recovery costs and deploying alternatives to HLV execution
Late-Life 4.0: The Potential of Digitalization
  • Unleash the potential for digitalization to revolutionise late-life asset monitoring and hear lessons learned from projects so far
  • Get in the know on how to augment ‘asset knowledge’ through the digital transformation in order to effective monitor integrity in late-life
  • Hear how investment in digital strategies prior to CoP can maximise returns and ensure safety
Networking Lunch
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Wells Track
Facilities Track
Late Life Asset Management Track
Powered by ABS Group
Technology: ‘What you got?’: Exploring the Latest Verification Methods
  • Gain insight into new qualifying methods which have the potential to enhance cement verification and build a better understanding of subsea completions
  • Hear how acoustic verification techniques can help tailor your approach to different abandonment projects
  • Unlock the potential for new technologies to improve methods of through-tubing logging and ensure effective verification of cement quality and hydraulic seals
Remove, Reuse, Recycle?
  • Evaluate a holistic discussion of waste disposal options as a cross-industry panel debates the value of your scrap materials
  • Adopt a salvage mindset in order to better understand the business case for reusing, removing or recycling decommissioned facilities
  • Understand how a circular economy approach to waste management can maximize returns from O&G facilities removal

Noble Energy James Wiseman Senior Deepwater Project Manager Noble Energy

American Salvage Association Jim Elliott President American Salvage Association

Life Extension: The Business Case for Life Extension
  • Understand the business case for asset life extension and learn how new technologies could make this a reality
  • Evaluate approaches to asset divestment in order to best judge when to release obligations
  • Understand the importance of accurate liability estimation and late field life extension studies in building the case for extension 
Regulation: Exploratory Panel: The Impact of Innovation that Outpaces Regulation
  • Learn how to tackle the challenges faced by regulatory oversight amongst an environment in which regulators are struggling to keep up with new technologies
  • Hear from a cross industry panel on how regulators can work with industry to mitigate the environmental impact of P&A
  • Understand how cooperation with regulators can ensure effective abandonment whilst upholding environmental safety

ConocoPhillips Randall Shafer P&A Contact ConocoPhillips

Deep Dive: Decommissioning FPSOs in Brazil
  • Get the inside scoop on Brazil’s mounting obligations and gain actionable lessons learned from a case study discussion of FSO and FPSO decommissioning
  • Get in-the-know on tendering developments in the Cação field as well as progress on mounting obligations in the Campos Basin
  • Anticipate forthcoming development in this decommissioning hotspot and learn how the changing face of Brazilian regulation could offer a new approach for the international community
The Future of Reefing
  • Gain insight into the future of rigs-to-reef and the potential for similar projects to be enacted internationally from US experts working in the program’s nexus
  • Get the low-down on in-place abandonment and understand the ecological and cost implications of different approaches to facilities removal
  • Gain insight into how the latest washing and flushing technologies can enable facilities to be left in-situ and the impact this can have on the environment 

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