2019 Agenda

We’re researching a comprehensive insight into the industry’s most pressing challenges and promising opportunities. Contact us today if you’d like to be part of answering the industry’s toughest questions!

The Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit consistently produces world class agendas, based on 50+ hours of research with the industry’s leading experts. In 2018 hot topics included emerging technologies in well P&A, BOEM’s ongoing work to review NTL 2016-N01, international operator case studies, economic efficiency in facility decommissioning and a decade of decommissioning data. You will not get this level of detail anywhere else on the planet.

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  • The International Landscape
  • Decommissioning and the Environment
  • Technologies & Data in Well P&A
  • Decommissioning Techniques - Stay Ahead of The Curve
  • Facilities Management - A Guide

Keynote Sessions

D&A 2019 Keynote: The State of the Industry

  • Join 500 decommissioning experts as we conduct live polls to get a realistic sense of the industry’s opinions on key topics, ranging from the impact of the oil price to the future of regulation
  • Share your opinions and learn what the industry is thinking through a series of polls that will set the tone for the coming two days
  • Pose your questions to the experts in the audience about the industry and what you hope to get out of the conference

Your One-Stop Shop for Decommissioning

  • Get the low-down on the latest turnkey decommissioning solutions to maximize the utilization of aggregated efficiencies
  • Further your understanding of using cross-company collaboration to cluster decommission and reduce your decommissioning costs
  • Create an integrated solution to spread and mitigate risk across multiple assets and reduce environmental impact

Global trends and learnings in decommissioning

  • Hear from the experts on how taking a risk-based interpretation and focus on D&R estimating throughout the asset life cycle sets you up for future decom success
  • Unleash the potential of future cost savings through a strategic assessment of lessons learnt
  • Outline the future of decommissioning by understanding how past projects and current trends map out the trajectory for a better tomorrow 


BOEM Status Update: Deepwater Regulations in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Hear a comprehensive review on how deepwater regulation is likely to change over the coming years and the impact this will have on future deepwater decommissioning projects
  • Get a comparative study of the shallow water and deepwater wells and rigs in the GOM to understand where decommissioning challenges may lie
  • Feedback to BOEM on the impending deepwater regulations and recognize how BOEM are implementing robust decommissioning guidance for operators

The Impact of International Regulations on Decommissioning Activity

  • Get the inside track on regulatory advocacy through a unique study of the impact on decommissioning projects in different countries and what this means for global operators
  • Hear from international regulators including the UK, U.S., Brazil and Malaysia and understand how to strategize for decommissioning amongst regulatory uncertainty
  • Discuss the different models that international regulators may take when updating decommissioning guidance as multiple projects approach

Nigerian Regulation: Future Decommissioning Plans

  • Hear how Nigerian regulation is taking shape for the D&A industry, including a forecasted view on impending decommissioning plans
  • Get the very latest updates on regional regulatory processes for qualifying new technologies to better understand differing regional approval processes
  • Learn how best to engage with global regulators to ensure acceptance of new technologies

Exclusive ‘Closed-Door’ Operator Workshop

  • Discuss and review BSEE’s impending guidance on decommissioning requirements and collate feedback from multiple operators
  • Work through the industry’s most formidable and stagnant challenges faced during decommissioning projects to date and discuss how these have been overcome
  • Learn how to encourage intra-company communication to maximise aggregated efficiency gains and see how promoting integrated solutions can enable collective cost savings

Decommissioning Permit Procedures

  • Hear the challenges encountered from a regulator’s perspective during the approval of shallow water decommissioning permit submissions
  • Understand the time schedule of the permit produce from the regulators perspective to enable better business planning for your organization
  • Understand the impact of the permit procedure time schedule on your organizations business model and budgets to better estimate decommissioning costs

The International Landscape

Finding Consistencies within International Decommissioning Projects

  • Gain insight into the daily trials and challenges faced during decommissioning projects across the globe and how lessons learned can be applied from projects to date
  • Pin-point international progression within Brazilian, UK and U.S. decommissioning and anticipate forthcoming international development
  • Compare and contrast global decommissioning projects and discover framework consistencies to overcome common issues

An Emerging Giant in D&A - Brazil’s Bulk Decommissioning

  • Understand the scope of decommissioning work in Brazil and how the surge in deepwater decommissioning activity is being addressed
  • Hear about Brazilian regulatory processes for assessing facility removal, and compare regulator expectations and the requirements for facility removal
  • Hear how the lessons learned from current and past decommissioning projects in Brazil can improve global project execution and reduce decommissioning costs worldwide

From Plan into Practice - Upcoming Malaysian Decommissioning

  • Get a full update on Malaysian decommissioning progress, and hear how Malaysian operators have braved across the line of planning into decommissioning practice
  • Hear about regional regulatory processes for qualifying new technologies to better understand differing regional approval processes
  • Hear case study data on challenges faced during decommissioning planning, and how best to overcome these in an immature decommissioning market

Into The Shallow - An Australian Case study

  • Get the latest on decommissioning preparations taking place within Australia and take-away key lessons learned from a recently completed project
  • Hear an update on the emerging strategies for decommissioning in Australia and how anticipated issues have been encountered and dealt with in past projects
  • Hear how the planning process was followed, the results that were achieved and how operational experience can be shared across the globe from this case study

Subsea Decommissioning: A North Sea Perspective

  • Hear an update on how the Janice, James and Leadon fields decommissioning fields have progressed and upcoming plans
  • Get an insight into the challenges associated with late-life operations and how decommissioning plans are actioned across the North Sea
  • Gain knowledge of the tools and techniques that were successfully deployed across these projects

Explore the AsiaPac Region

  • Hear how AsiaPac projects are taking shape within the D&A industry, including a forecasted view on impending decommissioning plans
  • Get the latest updates on regional regulatory processes for qualifying new technologies to better understand differing regional approval processes
  • Learn how best to engage with global regulators to ensure acceptance of new technologies

Decommissioning and the Environment

Reefing in the Gulf of Mexico - Lessons Learned For Other Markets

  • Capitalize on the lessons learnt within the GOM reefing market and understand how these can be applied to other decommissioning regions considering reefing
  • Understand how the evaluation of the relative environmental importance of reefs can decrease your costs and increase your green contribution
  • Recognize the regulatory and technical hurdles faced when reefing and how these have been successfully overcome by GOM operators

Reefing in the Superdeep Sea

  • Discuss the major issues and different options for decommissioning subsea infrastructure in the superdeep sea
  • Get the low-down on legacy subsea components which have been abandoned on the seabed and recognize challenges faced when plugged lines that are unable to be flushed
  • Understand the existing opportunities for reefing deep-sea components and ecological considerations for those segments that must be abandoned-in-place in deepwater due to challenges associated with recovering them

Rig modification - What are the alternate purposes for your facilities

  • Gain insight into how rigs can be repurposed and how this could slash your decommissioning costs and increase your environmental contribution
  • Meet who is active in this space and hear about past projects to capitalize on lessons learned
  • Find out about the many uses for decommissioned rigs including; geothermal platforms, wind farms and accommodation

Technologies & Data in Well P&A

A Step-change in Data for Decommissioning

  • Understand the step-change required across the industry in automations and artifical intelligence to drive P&A forwards, and how a change in data handling methods can decrease rig days
  • Hear an overview of the latest innovations in well monitoring including machine learning and data analysis and how they can improve best-practice through cost innovations
  • Recognize the regulatory challenges presented during new technology approval and how best to address this

“Shark-Tank” Technology Showcase: Emerging Technologies in P&A

  • Exclusive technology showcase displaying the latest pioneering innovations to optimize P&A economic efficiency through multiple annulus logging, next generation barriers and rigless P&A
  • Explore how new P&A technologies can maximize decommissioning efficiencies, lead to higher quality plugging and mitigate risk
  • Learn how the ongoing monitoring of abandoned wells can help establish best practices and new benchmarks

Optimize Barrier Materials and Cement Alternatives

  • Evaluate multiple cement alternatives available to operators including resins, modified cements, epoxies, polymers and polyester materials and understand how they can optimize P&A efficiency
  • Discuss how alternative plug materials can result in similar or better sealing, and the extent to which they can mitigate risk and provide cost savings
  • Analyse issues such as the quantity, depth and placement of cement in the annuli to achieve a safe and reliable zonal isolation in subsea wells

Barrier Verification

  • Understand the optimal ways to remove doubt when verifying barriers including the latest pressure tests and temperature sensors
  • Recognize the benefits of early assessment of barriers for tubing to ensure the best approach can be taken to remove as little tubing as possible
  • Learn about the optimal ways to effectively remove material, prepare for setting a barrier and the most effective techniques to replace a barrier

Evolving Capabilities within Riserless P&A

  • Hear about the evolving technologies and capabilities within riserless P&A and how it’s adoption can enable economic efficiency to be maximized whilst meeting long-term isolation requirements
  • Understand how to optimally deal with well fluids during riserless P&A to better control well pressures and fluids
  • Understand how to address the key risks and challenges associated with different P&A options including cement placement, annular pressure build-up and well control to ensure a reliable seal

Sparking the Development of Technology in Decommissioning

  • Join a discussion on the OGTC’s ‘Technological Road Map’ which reviews the technological advancement across the D&A Industry
  • Get an up-to-date insight into the projects that have been undertaken by the OGTC on well abandonment
  • Hear about the recently launched National Decommissioning Centre and how the centre aims to help achieve operation excellence across D&A

Decommissioning Techniques - Stay Ahead of The Curve

Mitigate Risk Through Effective Cost Estimation

  • Hear the very latest on the evolving practices to effectively and consistently estimate decommissioning and abandonment costs and take away a plan to deal with and reduce cost uncertainties
  • Understand the importance of data-sharing cooperation when creating accurate cost assessments to ensure future projects better stick to time and cost schedules
  • Get the low-down on the future cost-savings that a ‘P&A Club’ could create, and how long-term planning can be utilized to lock in vessel rates

Fail to Prepare… Prepare to Fail: Revolutionize Your Planning and Forecasting

  • Understand the evolving practices within new facility designs to maximize safety and economic efficiency when preparing for decommissioning
  • Get the inside track on managing your portfolio strategy to align your assets and organization with decommissioning
  • Understand key influencing factors and major challenges faced when planning for decommissioning including partial vs. full decommissioning, decision-making processes and cost assessment

Alleviate the Dangers Posed by ‘Boomeranging’

  • Get the low-down on best practices during asset acquisition to ensure due diligence and the alleviation of future risk
  • Understand what a buyer should expect to be disclosed within asset acquisition negotiations and how to overcome common challenges faced during the transfer
  • Get first-hand experiences from circumstances where the letter of credit has been less than the decommissioning, what to expect and what are the next steps to take

How Rigless P&A is Revolutionizing Efficiency

  • Get the low-down how the step-changes in rigless P&A technology and have increased the potential for decreased rig days and associated costs
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of rigless and rig-based P&A to successfully recognize the optimal solution for different wells 
  • Ensure you are staying ahead of the P&A technology curve and reap the economic benefits of rigless P&A techniques

Facilities Management - A Guide

Transferable Lessons Learned from Salvage and Wreck

  • Hear about advancements in simulations and augmented reality that could reform facility removal methodology
  • Find out how practical methods of risk assessment and loss prevention from the Salvage & Wreck market can make your decommissioning planning more robust
  • Explore how future developments across both the Decom and S&W industries could merge subsequent technological advancements

Alternatives for Heavy Lift Vessel’s (HLV) Asset Recovery

  • Understand how the global growth in offshore asset decommissioning and the untenable cost of recovery creates an opportunity to deploy alternatives to HLV based execution
  • Get the low-down on the latest innovative solutions developed for the salvage industry which will reduce costs of recovery in a safe and environmental friendly manner
  • Hear pioneering case studies which provide beneficial cost metrics and understand why a different mindset can positively influence project outcomes

Decommissioning Techniques for FPSOs and Floaters

  • Explore what decommissioning looks like for floating production facilities including the impact upon subsea equipment, flowlines and pipelines
  • Learn optimal techniques for cleaning and tanking on topsides within floating production facilities
  • Discuss alternative removal methods for large topsides and jackets and explore how to decommission other large offshore installations

Sinkable barges - Sinking your costs one project at a time

  • Find out how changing capabilities within the facility removal industry can shrink your decommissioning bill
  • Hear from pioneering projects set to change the 90’s mindset and move away from heavy lift methodology
  • Hear how sinkable barges have made up-and-coming facility disposal proposals more cost-effective

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