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Day 1 Day 2


08:00-08:20 D&A 2019 Chairman’s Welcome
  • Join 500 decommissioning experts as we conduct live polls to get a realistic sense of the industry’s opinions on key topics, ranging from the impact of the oil price to the future of regulation
  • Share your opinions and learn what the industry is thinking through a series of polls that will set the tone for the coming two days
  • Pose your questions to the experts in the audience about the industry and what you hope to get out of the conference

BP Win Thornton VP, Decommissioning BP

DecomWorld Kathryn Neri-Steele Global project director DecomWorld

08:20-08:45 Malaysia’s First Subsea Fields Abandonment:
  • EoFL management and abandonment planning of four subsea fields
  • Overcoming challenges in an immature decommissioning environment
  • Delivering competitive abandonment through four strategic thrusts
  • Lessons from the well P&A and facilities abandonment operations

Shell Malaysia Upstream Bartholomew Jukui End of Field Life BOM / D&R Owner Shell Malaysia Upstream

08:45-09:30 From Plan to Practice - update on AsiaPac Decom
  • Review of the overall Asia Pacific decommissioning market
  • Gain insight into the daily trials and challenges faced during decommissioning projects across the Asia Pac region and how lessons learned can be applied from projects to date
  • Pin-point international progression within Malaysian and Australian decommissioning and anticipate forthcoming international development
  • Hear about regional regulatory processes and their effect on encouraging new technologies

TSB Offshore Moderator: Steve SpeaseTSB Offshore

Petronas M Ikhranizam B M Ros Head of Decomissioning Petronas

Shell Malaysia Upstream Bartholomew Jukui End of Field Life BOM / D&R Owner Shell Malaysia Upstream

BHP Larry Johnson Principal Engineer of Global Decommissioning BHP

09:30-09:55 Financial Surety for Decommissioning Liability
  • Understand the financial challenges faced with decomissioning liability on End-of-Life assets
  • Understand how bonding future decommissioning projects can be optimized 
  • Thoughts from an expert on worldwide bonding needs

TSB Offshore Ken Beck Director TSB Offshore

kawa Jamie Hart CFO Indemnity National Insurance Company (INIC)

10:40-11:40 Finding Consistencies in International Decommissioning Projects
  • Gain insight into the daily trials and challenges faced during decommissioning projects across the globe and how lessons learned can be applied from projects to date
  • Pin-point international progression within Brazilian, UK, Australian and U.S. decommissioning and anticipate forthcoming international development
  • Compare and contrast global decommissioning projects and discover framework consistencies to overcome common issues

Endeavor Management Moderator: Bruce Crager Executive Vice President Endeavor Management

Total Dave Sinclair DSO CPH Offshore Product line, Later life and Decommissioning Total

Petrobras Eduardo Zacaron Head of Decommissioning Petrobras

Chevron Christopher Jones ABU - Asset Retirement Chevron

11:40-12:25 Global trends and Learnings in Decommissioning
  • Hear from the experts on how taking a risk-based interpretation and focus on D&R estimating throughout the asset life cycle sets you up for future decom success
  • Unleash the potential of future cost savings through a strategic assessment of lessons learnt
  • Outline the future of decommissioning by understanding how past projects and current trends map out the trajectory for a better tomorrow

Shell Ernest Hui Global Decommissioning Centre of Excellence - Americas Lead Shell

Reverse Engineering Services Brian Twomey Managing Director Reverse Engineering Services

14:10-14:55 Fail to Prepare…Prepare to Fail
  • Hear the very latest on the evolving practices to effectively and consistently estimate decommissioning and abandonment costs and take away a plan to deal with and reduce cost uncertainties
  • Understand the importance of data-sharing cooperation when creating accurate cost assessments to ensure future projects better stick to time and cost schedules
  • Understand key influencing factors and major challenges faced when planning for decommissioning including partial vs. full decommissioning, decision-making processes and cost assessment

Chevron Moderator: Aly Hakam SCU Project Manager Chevron

ENI Giancarlo Mangiafico Project Manager ENI

BHP Monica Ferreira Project Services BHP

Hess Peter Koopmans Quality Assurance Supervisor Hess

14:55-15:55 Offshore Operators Committee Decom Panel
  • Overview of OOC Decom Workgroup activities, highlight on Pacific Region engagements (Leslie Barnes, Chevron)
  • Overview of OOC Comments on BSEE Deepwater Decom Information Request (Clay Thompon, Anadarko)
  • Overview of OOC engagement with BOEM and USACE on Sand Sediment Resources (Esau Velazquez, Fieldwood)

Offshore Operators Committee Moderator: Evan Zimmerman Executive Director Offshore Operators Committee

Anadarko Clay Thompson International and Deepwater Projects Anadarko

Fieldwood Esau Velazquez Project Manager Fieldwood

Chevron Leslie Barnes General Manager Chevron

15:55-16:20 Optimization of Well Abandonment Through Technology Development - Swarf Free Section Milling
  • Learn how to place a robust rock-to-Rock barrier quickly, with a smaller surface and environmental footprint.
  • Get the latest insight in swarf-free section milling performed offshore in the North Sea.
  • Learn how you can optimize your P&A and slot recovery operations by reducing time and costs utilizing the latest technologies

BHGE Knut Inge Dahlberg Global Project Manager, Well Intervention BHGE

16:50-17:20 International Regulators Panel
  • Get the inside track on regulatory advocacy through a unique study of the impact on decommissioning projects in different countries and what this means for global operators
  • Hear from international regulators including the UK, U.S. and Nigeria to understand how to strategize for decommissioning amongst regulatory uncertainty
  • Discuss the different models that international regulators may take when updating decommissioning guidance as multiple projects approach

CRG Oilfield Abandonment LLC Moderator: Chuck Greer President CRG Oilfield Abandonment LLC

Oil and Gas Authority Nihs Cohrs Head of Decommissioning Oil and Gas Authority

BOEM Eric Turner Chief of Risk Management (Policy Group) BOEM

17:20-17:40 Decommissioning for Disruption: How Decommissioned O&G Infrastructure Can Help Decisionmakers Better Understand and Adapt to Climate Change
  • Understand the environmental implications of BSEE Regulations and what that means for your facility decommissioning plans
  • Gain insight into how your rig can be altered and used as a large sensor capable of collecting environmental and natural resources data
  • Hear an outline for how necessary changes are needed to implement the vision and evolve the capability for rigs to be used for ‘other uses’

VNF Scott Nuzum Counsel VNF

17:40-18:20 Subsea Decommissioning: A North Sea Perspective
  • Hear an update on how the Janice, James and Leadon fields decommissioning fields have progressed and upcoming plans
  • Get an insight into the challenges associated with late-life operations and how decommissioning plans are actioned across the North Sea
  • Gain knowledge of the tools and techniques that were successfully deployed across these projects

Total Dave Sinclair DSO CPH Offshore Product line, Later life and Decommissioning Total

18:20-19:50 NETWORKING & EXHIBITION DRINKS RECEPTION - Sponsored by TSB Offshore kawa


08:00-08:10 Chairman’s Welcome

BHP Larry Johnson Principal Engineer of Global Decommissioning BHP

08:00-08:10 Chairman’s Welcome

ConocoPhillips John Hand Technology Program Manager ConocoPhillips

08:10-08:40 Environmental Appraisal Guidelines: UK North Sea Offshore Oil & Gas Decommissioning
  • Introduction to the Environmental Appraisal Guidelines which were written on behalf of Decom North Sea
  • Gain insight into the process behind writing the guidelines and understand what they mean

Ramboll Nathan Swankie Principle Ramboll

08:40-09:10 Robust technical data inputs in Comparative Assessments - a case study from Griffin Field
  • Gain insight into the progression of comparative assessment across Australia
  • Gain case study knowledge for a large study across the fish pipeline

BHP Tim Cooper Principal Closure Planning BHP

08:10-08:55 Sparking the Development of Technology
  • Join a discussion on the OGTC’s ‘Technological Road Map’ which reviews the technological advancement across the D&A Industry
  • Get an up-to-date insight into the projects that have been undertaken by the OGTC on well abandonment
  • Hear about the recently launched National Decommissioning Centre and how the centre aims to help achieve operation excellence across D&A

The Oil and Gas Technology Centre Roger Esson Decommissioning Solution Centre Manager The Oil and Gas Technology Centre

09:10-09:35 Tapti - India’s first decommissioning project
  • Gain insight into the asset scope of the decommissioning of Tapti, with project knowledge of the successes and challenges of India’s initial decommissioning project
  • Hear lessons learnt when pioneering decommissioning within an immature D&A market
  • Gain a holistic view of execution philosophy and how this had lead to an efficient project

Boskalis Boudewijn Versluijs Commercial Manager - Decommissioning Boskalis

08:55-09:30 Plug & Abandonment Perforating Systems for Remedial Cementing and Circulation
  • We will be discussing the innovative technology and products developed by GEODynamics to address the evolving global demand for gun systems used in plug and abandonment of wells
  • Eclipse perforating system - provides record-setting casing removal for perf and wash applications
  • ISOLOC perforating system - this innovative and unique gun system is designed to be used with ISOLOC charges specifically for multi-string casing perf and wash or remedial cementing applications

GeoDynamics Varun Garg GeoDynamics

09:35-10:00 COFFEE BREAK
10:00-10:25 Alternatives to HLV’s for jacket removal
  • Understand how the global growth in offshore asset decommissioning and the untenable cost of recovery creates an opportunity to deploy alternatives to HLV based execution
  • Get the low-down on the latest innovative solutions developed for the salvage industry which will reduce costs of recovery in a safe and environmentally friendly manner
  • Hear pioneering case studies which provide beneficial cost metrics and understand why a different mindset can positively influence project outcomes

Ardent Richard Tuin Decommissioning - Product Development Manager Ardent

10:00-10:25 PAC - Plug & Abandonment - Circulation Custom Design Perforation Solution
  • Gain insight into the CoreLabs technique of  PACTM (Plug & Abandonment - Circulations) Perforating allows Operating companies to shoot inner strings of casing without penetrating outer strings
  • Gain case study knowledge of successful documentation of shooting single string, dual string and triple string casing scenarios
  • Hear how these techniques have been deployed across the globe including - North Sea, GOM, Southeast Asia and West Africa

corelabs George Patton Product Development Manager Core Lab - Owen Oil Tools

10:25-11:05 Reefing in the Super Deep
  • Discuss the major issues and different options for decommissioning subsea infrastructure in the superdeep sea
  • Get the low-down on legacy subsea components which have been abandoned on the seabed and recognize challenges faced when plugged lines that are unable to be flushed
  • Understand the existing opportunities for reefing deep-sea components and ecological considerations for those segments that must be abandoned-in-place in deep-water due to challenges associated with recovering them

Blue Latitudes Moderator: Emily Hazelwood Co-founder Blue Latitudes

Blue Latitudes Amber Jackson Co-founder Blue Latitudes

Benny Gallaway President Ecological Research Associates Inc

Marubeni Oil and Gas USA LLC Ryan Romero Subsea and Operations Marubeni Oil and Gas USA LLC

Noble Energy James Wiseman Engineering Manager Noble Energy

10:25-11:25 Shark-Tank Technology Showcase
  • Exclusive technology showcase displaying the latest pioneering innovations to optimize P&A economic efficiency through multiple annulus logging, next generation barriers and rigless P&A
  • Explore how new P&A technologies can maximize decommissioning efficiencies, lead to higher quality plugging and mitigate risk
  • Learn how the ongoing monitoring of abandoned wells can help establish best practices and new benchmarks

Shell Ernest Hui Global Decommissioning Centre of Excellence - Americas Lead Shell

BP Win Thornton VP, Decommissioning BP

ConocoPhillips John Hand Technology Program Manager ConocoPhillips

Titan Oil Recovery,Inc. Titan Oil Recovery,Inc.


11:05-11:30 Driving down the cost of Decommissioning through
  • How can digitalization be used as an enabler?
  • Bringing technology in at the front end to support budgeting, stakeholder engagement and vendor tendering - avoiding cost over-run
  • A digital twin for engineering and project execution stages of a decommissioning project to maximise efficiencies and reduce risk

Bureau Veritas Dawn Robertson Offshore Service Line Director Bureau Veritas

11:25-11:50 A Monster Well Abandonment is Finally Tamed
  • Gain case-study insight into how an optimized planning process and close operator / service company collaboration can help ensure the efficiency of Well P&A
  • Hear how about the importance of placing a value on permanent, rock-to-rock and verifiable abandonment
  • Delve into P&A Processes and find-out how when all hope seems lost - section-milling can help save the day

Abrado Sandy Esslemont CEO Abrado

11:30-12:25 Environmental Issues Associated with Decommissioning

This panel will highlight new tools and approaches to address key environmental issues associated with decommissioning.  Panel members will discuss:

  • Innovative approaches including stereo-video ROV, environmental DNA and 3D photogrammetry to quantify the ecological and socio-economic value of existing platforms and reefed structures
  • Opportunities for collaborative research to address key environmental issues associated with decommissioning

Chevron Will Gala Fellow Chevron

Chevron Michael Marnane Marine Environmental Scientist Chevron

Shell Bert Fokkema Global D&R Policy Manager Shell

11:50-12:25 Optimize Barrier Materials and Cement Alternatives
  • Evaluate multiple cement alternatives available to operators including resins, modified cements, epoxies, polymers and polyester materials and understand how they can optimize P&A efficiency
  • Discuss how alternative plug materials can result in similar or better sealing, and the extent to which they can mitigate risk and provide cost savings
  • Analyse issues such as the quantity, depth and placement of cement in the annuli to achieve a safe and reliable zonal isolation in subsea wells

Conoco Phillips Randall Shafer Lead P&A - Global Wells ConocoPhillips

13:55-14:40 Decommissioning Ideology vs. Science: Net Environmental Benefits Approach to Support Decision-Making
  • How recent, evolving scientific research is available to better quantify both environmental as well as socioeconomic benefits of offshore O&G facilities
  • New thinking on cost effective Decommissioning strategies that can actually build on/enhance/expand benefits to the environment and the public

BHP Larry Johnson Principal Engineer of Global Decommissioning BHP

EPS Joe Nicolette Managing Partner and Senior Principal EPS

13:55-14:10 Use of BOP Tethering to Reduce Risks During Subsea P&A
  • Understand how the use of BOP Tethering can reduce risk for Subsea P&A
  • Understand how Trendsetter Vulcan Offshore have created a robust cost-effective solution to overcome technical challenges
  • Ensure reliable re-entry and P&A on older wells including well-head fatigue mitigation

Trendsetter Kevin Chell Advisor Trendsetter Vulcan Offshore

14:10-14:45 The hottest innovations: A PACE Update
  • Objectives of PACE (Plugging & Abandonment Collaborative Environment)
  • Our approach to achieving collaboration
  • Technical topics and progress so far

OTM Consulting/PACE Network Henry StAubyn Principal Consultant OTM Consulting/PACE Network

14:45-16:15 COFFEE TO GO

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