With P&A costs accounting for ca. 45% of total decommissioning spend, developments in plugging technology hold the potential to deliver unparalleled savings at end of life.

DecomWorld’s upcoming webinar - Beyond Cement - Seeking P&A Alternatives (30 October, 10am CST) - discusses the potential of alternative plugging materials and shares case study insights into the latest technologies.

This webinar features insight from Henry StAubyn, VP Advisory US (PACE), Paul Carragher, CEO (BiSN), Phil Head, Founder & Director (Panda-Seal) and Prof Richard D. Neilson (tbc), Centre Director (National Decommissioning Centre).

Register today and come away with your definitive guide to alternate plugging materials:

  • Evaluate alternatives to traditional cement and bridge plug abandonment
  • Get in the know on the latest tech developments and understand the potential for new resins to ensure cost efficacy and safe P&A
  • Hear how new materials such as Bismuth and Thermite have the potential to reduce both operator liability and environmental impact post CoP

Can’t make it? Don’t worry - sign up anyway and I’ll send you the recordings afterwards.

Please submit questions to orolt@decomworld.com to be asked within the question and answer section of the webinar.

Panelists Already Confirmed:

Henry St Aubyn
Henry StAubyn
VP Advisory US
Paul Carragher
Paul Carragher
Phil Head
Phil Head
Founder & Director
Prof Richard D. Neilson (tbc)
Centre Director
National Decommissioning Centre
National Decommissioning Centre

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